How much does WWE big daddy weigh?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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big daddy weigh 408

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Q: How much does WWE big daddy weigh?
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How much does big daddy wwe?

Work on you sentences dude!

How much does big show and big daddy v weigh combined?

Big Show: 441 lbsBig Daddy V: + 485 lbsTotal: 926 lbs

What happened to WWE superstar big daddy v?

he got to fat and died May 2010-Sorry but Big Daddy V is very much alive and doing well

When did big daddy v quit the WWE?


Who killed WWE big daddy?

cm punk

Who were the first people to play in the WWE?

big daddy

Wwe how much does Big show and Batista weigh?

785 pounds

Is big daddy dead from WWE?

no he is not i saw him last week

How do you get big daddy v in WWE 08?

You Can't. Big Daddy V was not on the WWE roster when the 08' Smackdown vs. Raw roster was created. This was not only with Big Daddy V, but happened with many superstars. Ie., The Miz, John Morrison, Evan Bourne... etc.

When did big daddy v quit WWE?

july 28 2008

Is big daddy v coming back to WWE?

yes he is in hdfgnjgfjyygfrjhnt

Why big dady is fired from WWE?

Big Daddy was fired from WWE for beating up WWe diva Maria. He put her in the hospital with damage to her head, neck, and back.