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Here are the specs of a 1989 Ford LTD crown Victoria LX (should be the same as yours):

kerb weight : 1836 kg

weight distribution :

front : 1020 kg

rear : 816 kg

Maximum admissible weight : 2431 kg

front : 1241 kg

rear : 1249 kg

Max weight with trailer: 4701 kg

trailer wo brakes: 907 kg

trailer w brakes: 2270 kg

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What is the vehicle type for a 1991 LTD Crown Victoria?

It's a full-size body-on-frame vehicle (assuming that's what you were referring to)


The original Crown Victoria was only produced from 1955 to 1956. The name was revived in 1978 and applied to the full sized LTD (the midsize LTD was succeeded by the Ford Taurus). That remained so up to 1990. In 1991 (for the 1992 MY) it was renamed the Crown Victoria. Those remained in production up to 2011 (2012 MY), whereafter it was replaced by the Ford Taurus.

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