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a convertible weighs 3010 lbs with no one in it, a coupe weighs 2863 with no one in it

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Front (side away from transmission) is cheaper by far. Around $100.00 is my GUESS.

The 1995 LeBaron GTC convertible weighs in at 1447 Kg, or about 3183 pounds.

broken piston rings maybe and oil gettin into the piston chamber.. too much oil maybe a blown head gasket... the smoke is steamy

They weigh at least 200 pounds My 1979 70hp Chrysler weighs in at about 285lbs

It weighs between 2806lbs (coupe) and 3010lbs for the convertible.

Four cylinder is 15 psi. Six cylinder is 40 psi.

A Chrysler PT Cruiser will vary in weight. However, generally speaking, a small vehicle like this will weigh about 3120 pounds.

3.3L V6 4-speed Automatic 1994 Chrysler ConcordeWidth: 74.4 in.Height: 56.3 in.Length: 202.8 in.Curb weight: 3379 lbs.Wheel base: 113.0 in.

its 5 quarts for about any engine. 4.5 quarts for the 3 liter v6 has them for around $1230.75 Cost, $150.00 Core Charge. See Link. Hope This Helps.

Approximately 2,600 pounds.

= For example weight of 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser 1.6 is 4123 lb (1870 kg). = {| ! colspan="2" | | |}

Go to your public library and look it up on ALLDATA. This is much better than Mitchell on demand. Copies are typically 15cents.

A Chrysler Town and Country minivan weighs 3,955 pounds. (1,794 kg)

a little over 4000 Pound's depending on the model and year of your car

A Chryseler New Yorker weighs 3,587 lb (1,627 kg).

That car weighs two tons and 118 pounds.

1994 sedan 3100-3290 lbs. 1994 wagon 3270-3390 lbs.

1990 2365 lbs. 1994 2490 lbs.

depending on any additions... Roughly 3,600 pounds

My '89 new yorker weighed 3280 lbs when I sold it for scrap this morning.

depending on the accessories under the hood, it weighs approximately 3600 lbs.3300 - 3500 lbs ( look up 1985 Chrysler 5th Avenue)

3,935-4,103 pounds (1,785-1,861 kg)

the door jamb sticker says 3665 pounds

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