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It depends on how much experience you have and what company you work with. Also where you work depends on how much you make too like highway workers make more than residential workers. The average seems to be around 17 dollars per hour


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The average hourly wage for a construction worker is $21.87.

it varies, however the national average pay for a construction worker is £47 000, which is 27% lower than the national average. However, the average pay for a construction manageris £77 000, which isn't that bad. obviously the pay depends on the company your are employed with and the standard at which you are at :)

Unfortunately, most construction jobs hire workers with on the job experience or related job experience. The best bet would be to try to find a job in construction, remodeling, roofing or landscaping that does not require much skill and observe and learn the trade. With work experience, finding a job in general labor or construction should be much easier.

why are you considering this job?

Type your answer here... it pay you 10000000000

A construction worker earns averaged about £15 an hour but depending on the job they do such as if they do manufacturing houses they would be paid by the difficulty of the job.

Job corps does not pay much. Depending on how long you work, you can make from 25 dollars a pay period to 50 dollars as pay period. When you complete transition you can get 750.00.

police officer, construction worker, firefighter, window washer

they get paid 13,999 weekly after deductions.

If you get a degree in Construction Mgmt you can move from a manual position to a management job! You'll learn how to supervise and manage the job instead of having to do the heavy labor. Finishing a Construction Management Training program will open up new job opportunities. You will be able to become a Foreman or Site manager with higher pay.

Too much for the crappy job they are doing.

how much does McDonald's pay you if worked 2 day and four hour. the minimums the usually pay is 7>25

They pay a percentage of your gross wage. Therefore it will vary from person-to-person, job-to-job, and state-to-state.

Job shop management is a construction firm looking for an experienced administration manager. It does have very high pay and great benefits. you must be qualified.

very little unless you put the very long hours in the job or if your a supervisor its a manual labor job so not much

It depends on the kind of job your doing.

A construction superintendent is around 63,000 a year. This varies depending on location and job. Working for a larger corporation will bring a higher wage.

minimum wage which is less then $6 (what is your job?)

Construction jobs have the potential to make a good wage depending on how much business the company has. The more work to do, obviously the more amount of money. Construction jobs probably pay better during the warmer months.

Finding construction job in United states is can get a job by searching you can select the area where you are looking for the job.from there you can apply for the job.

That depends on what job she's doing.

Depends, but you have to be 15 to get a job :)

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