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Depends on what model Lamborghini you're asking about. A Murcielago LP670-4 SV which has a U.S retail of $450,000 would be 2,956,500 Yuan.


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a lamborghini cost from $900-$2500 in that range .

it cost as much as my lamborghini.

The Lamborghini Aventador has an MSRP of $387,000 or € 307,631.

if you drive a lambo, why worry about price of gas?

A Lamborghini insecta concept costs 800,000$

CONSIDERING IT IS An old LAMBORGHINI its about 50,000 or 70,000

A Lamborghini Murcielago's cost lies within the range of £217,375 - £238,055.

in Indian prize of Lamborghini is Rs.930600

It depends on the model of Lamborghini and then you can convert that price to pounds.

The cost of a Lamborghini depends on many factors, and you can usually expect to pay at least $200,000 for a car.

The cost for a Lamborghini will vary according to make, model and year. A brand new 2104 Lamborghini Aventador will cost about $400,000.

A lamborghini concept probably costs over $200,000.

About the same as any other colored lamborghini of the same make you are looking into.

the lamborghini gallardo superlegga.the superlegga is about 300 speed

The newest lamborghini, the aventador lp700-4, costs $379,700

It depends on what model you are asking about.

The answer is about close to $200,200 to $200,000.

A Lamborghini costs about 200,000 dollars

The company does not produce motorcycles.

about five hundred thousand dollars

If you could afford a Lamborghini, I really don't think the cost of insurance would concern you.

A Lamborghini is much more than 20 grand. A lamborghini can cost almost 100 grand.

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