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The average salary of a school or educational counselor is around $50000-$60000 per year. However, as a counselor gains years of experience, his or her salary also rises. Salary also depends on where a counselor works. Pay varies by state, by school, and between public and private schools. Counselors in elementary and secondary schools tend to earn more than counselors in higher education or vocational education.

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When I was an admissions counselor, I started out making 45,000 (NYC), promoted to Assistant Director less than two years later and now make 60,000.

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Depends on where, location and educational background of candidate, but the median salary is $28-35k annual.

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The 'average' yearly salary of a college counselor is $44,940. This salary can change based on many factors, such as location and experience.

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Q: How much does a college admissions counselor make?
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