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There is not ONE price for a dog. Since there are many breeds of dogs with different capabilities and so forth there are many different prices.

Purebred puppies will cost the most, from $500 up to $2,000. Adopting a dog from a shelter will be free except for the cost of shots.
It depends which type of dog.
well, it all matters. some dogs are free! some dogs cost more then a house! i guess it matters on which dog you are buying, and from where. shelters cost alot more (and i think you should really buy from a shelter). i got my dog from a shelter and she was only 100 dollars! But you have to think about the supplies. like food bowls, leashes, food, beds, collars, toys, etc. so it all matters/depends
depends wot u are wanting to buy aroubd about 5 to 8hundred
they cost 2000 pounds

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Dog bones cost $ 10.00

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It costs about/ around $250.00 for it to happen. That is how much it cost for my dog to get spayed.

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depends on what type of dog it is

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It depends which type of dog.

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Depends on the breed, our cost €750,-

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