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How much does a famous surgeon make?


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Plastic surgeons earn an average of $300,000 per year in California. Famous surgeons, on the other hand, earn as much as $4,000,000 a year.

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A Brain surgeon makes 10, 000 a month

How much a C-section surgeon can make in a year depends upon experience and location. The average salary in the US for a C-section surgeon is 82,000 US dollars.

the salary for a plastic surgeon is 4 million dollars a year.

How much money does a plastic surgeon make a week

A plastic surgeon is guaranteed to make over $200,000 a year but if you become famous with your job you can become a millionaire such as Dr. 90210

The average full-time surgeon can make anywhere between $250,000 - $300,000 (or more) per year.

A junior brain surgeon will make around 75,000 dollars versus an experienced brain surgeon who will make around 130,000 dollars a year. This job is stressful and carries a high liability.

A brain surgeon in Canada receives an average of C$96,958 to C$428,940 per year.

Generally a plastic surgeon will make much more money than an OB/GYN

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Benjamin Carson appears to be the most famous brain surgeon. He was the first neurosurgeon to separate Siamese twins who were joined at the head.

The average salary of a brain surgeon in Florida varies with location and experience. These doctors can earn $100,000 to $750,000 with experience.

He was a surgeon in the army

No, he was only famous for making speeches

The amount of money a surgeon would earn in Idaho would depend on the type of surgeon and how many procedures he performed. On average, a surgeon would expect to make at least $200,000 a year.

They make from $200,000-$800,000 a year.

The average surgeon makes $240,464 a year.

The amount of money that a derma surgeon makes will vary based on level of experience. This will be anywhere between $100,000 and $500,000 per year.

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