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How much does a forensic biologist earn per year in south Africa?


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I think about R600.000 per annum

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There are a few factors that come into play regarding the salaries of forensic scientists in South Africa. On average, they earn R20 000 per month.

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The median salary for a biochemist in South Africa is R143,884.

paramedics working in South Africa can expert to earn about R180000 to R220000 per annum

How much do forensic physcologist earn?

General practitioners working in South Africa can earn up to R768,879 per year. This is equal to $70,050 in US dollars.

How much auditors can earn in South Africa depends upon experience and qualification. The average salary for this position is R 205,564.

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Mainly by Farming because South Africa is rich in Natural Resources.

A forensic scientist would probably earn about £200,000 a year

forensic scientist can earn around 35k a year for the first two years.

In South Africa, a registered counselor can earn a minimum of 120,000 South African Rand per year. This is equivalent to an annual salary of 10,830 US dollars.

The average salary of an electronics technician in South Africa is R163,520 per year. Those on the lower end earn about R70,000.

A medical doctor in South Africa can earn 28,500 to 29,500 ZAR and upwards to 100,000 +ZAR dependent upon various factors.

A biotechnologist in South Africa may earn an average of 27,641 ZAR per month. One may earn as low as 11,000 ZAR to as much as 100,000 ZAR.

The amount of money that a chartered accountant can earn per year in South Africa is R 429,787. This is equivalent to 40,813 US dollars.

On an hourly basis, welders earn about R 49.81 in South Africa. With experience, this amount can rise to as much as R 99.26 per hour.

How much an industrial engineer can earn in South Africa depends upon experience and location. The average salary for this occupation is said to be R 248,017.

RD earn R7000.00 per month after deductions

Paramedics in South Africa work for the private sector. The salary and wages depend on an individuals training, most paramedics earn between R4,500 and R25,000.

How much a graphic designer can earn in South Africa is dependent upon qualifications and level of experience. A junior graphic designer can earn R 72,461 while a senior graphic designer can earn R 190,174 per year.

An experienced scientist earn 46,080

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