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You need to know the price per gallon and also the miles per gallon your car can achieve. Then the cost per mile is the dollars per gallon divided by the miles per gallon. The answer is in dollars per mile (in the UK use pounds instead).

So with fuel at $1 per gallon, and car that does 20 mpg, the fuel cost is $1 / 20 per mile, or 5 cents per mile.

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Q: How much does a gallon of diesel fuel cost per mile?
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What is the cost per mile for a garbage truck?

The cost per mile for a garbage truck varies somewhat with the price of diesel fuel and the age and condition of the truck. On average, the fuel cost per mile for a garbage truck is about $1.33 if diesel fuel is selling for $3.99 per gallon. The trucks generally average 3 miles per gallon of fuel.

Which is the engine that gives max mileage either diesel or petrol engine?

Diesel will always give you better fuel mileage as diesel fuel itself contains more BTU (the measure of thermal energy) in a given quantity than compared to gas.So therefore a diesel engine can extract more mileage out of a gallon of diesel fuel as there is more energy to extract out of that gallon as compared to a gallon of gas.Considering this, this is why diesel fuel prices would have to rise considerably over gas before the two would be equal on a cost per mile basis.

How much does diesel cost to the mile?

It depends on you fuel economy. MPG means miles divided by gallons. Miles/Gallon. Take number of miles driven, divided by number of gallons to drive those miles. Flip over miles per gallon to get gallons per mile then multiply by dollars per gallon to get dollars per mile.

How much would gas cost for a 685 mile drive?

Divide 685 by the number of miles per gallon your vehicle does, then times the answer by the cost of diesel per gallon.

How much diesel fuel does an 18 wheeler consume per mile?

1/4 to 1/8th of a gallon, all factors dependent.

How do you Calculate auto cost per mile?

One straightforward way to calucate auto cost per mile (if your only taking fuel consumption into account) is: Price per gallon of fuel divided by the vehicle's average Miles per Gallon. e.g., $3.80 per gallon / 22MPG = 0.172727 per mile therefore, it would cost $ 0.173 per mile or 17.3 cents per mile. Other factors such as vehicle deprecation, tolls, oil use, insurance also should be considered in account but would complicate the equation.

How much will it cost to drive 560 miles?

miles ÷ (miles/gallon) * ($/gallon) = miles * (gallons/mile) * ($/gallon) = (miles * gallons * $) / (miles * gallons) = $ So divide 560 mi by the vehicle's fuel economy, then multiply the quotient by the fuel cost.

What is energy fuel surcharge for?

A fuel surcharge lets the customer pay for part of the fuel used to transport his load. How these work: The basis is that trucks get 6 miles to the gallon and diesel costs $1.95 per gallon, so shipping rates are calculated based on those numbers. If diesel costs more than $1.95 per gallon, the person paying the bill for the freight pays a surcharge per mile to help reimburse the driver. If the national average price for diesel is $4.25 per gallon, you subtract $1.95 from it to get $2.30 per gallon; divide that by 6 and you get 38.3 cents per mile fuel surcharge. Multiply by the number of miles in the trip, and that's how much surcharge the customer will pay.

What is the fuel cost per mile of a Sikorsky S-92?

Depends on what you pay per gallon. Assuming $6 per gallon, aircraft burning 600 pounds per hour, ABOUT 7.1 lbs per gallon, cruise at 190 mph, fuel cost is ABOUT $2.81 per hour.

How much money would it cost to drive a 9 mile per gallon to Washington from Montana?

It depends on the price of the fuel.

How much will it cost to drive 166 miles using diesel 3.88 a gallon?

Divide 166 miles by the number of gallons per mile your vehicle does, then times the answer by 3.88 to get the total cost.

What is the cost of a 60 mile journey at 24 mpg?

A 60 mile journey at 24 mpg will require 60/24 = 2.5 gallons of fuel. Neglecting other possible costs (oil, maintenance), the trip should cost 2.5 x (cost of fuel). At $4/gallon, it would cost $10.00 to go that distance.

What does FSC mean in the transportation industry?

Fuel Surcharge (FSC)An additional charge assessed for the excessive cost in diesel fuel. The charge is a percentage of the base line haul charges on shipments rated per hundred pounds and a rate per mile for shipments rated for per mile. The surcharge is based based upon the US National Average Diesel Fuel Index. The fuel surcharge will remain in effect as long as the national average exceeds a benchmark of $1.15 per gallon.

Does ethanol fuel decrease fuel economy?

Here's the thing: Ethanol has less energy per gallon than gasoline and diesel, so for a given power output an engine will use more ethanol than it would have used diesel or gasoline. Miles per gallon will be poorer. But that's not the whole story. Ethanol - being considered more eco-friendly - is often a lot less expensive than diesel and gasoline. So even if you're using more of it, the cost-per-mile can be lower than for gasoline or diesel.

How much will it cost in gas for a 282 mile trip?

Depends on the mpg of the vehicle you are driving and the price of fuel per gallon, none of which you listed.

If you have 1200 miles to go and get 24 miles to the gallon how much is it going to cost if gas is 2.50 a gallon?

Divide cost per gallon by the miles per gallon to receive cost per mile. Take the result and multiply the miles to travel by the cost per mile to receive the total cost for the trip. Example: $3.55 cost per gallon/18 mpg= .1922 cents per mile X 1200 miles = $236.66 cost of trip.

What is the cost per mile of a commercial truck?

With most factors considered, it costs about 1.38 dollars per mile to operate a commercial. That is based on a fuel price of 3.42 dollars per gallon.

Is there a mathematical formula to compare MPG vs price per gallon?

Yes. For example, if you get 25 miles per gallon and you pay $2.50 per gallon for gasoline, it costs you roughly 10 cents per mile in fuel. (2.50 / mpg = .10)*So, a 500-mile vacation trip would cost you about $50.00 in fuel at 25 mpg.*Formula:price per gallon / mpg = cost per mile

What the average cost per mile of gas would be to drive from Kentucky to Florida?

The average cost per mile doesn't care about where you're driving, it's only concerned with the gas mileage of the vehicle, and price per gallon of the fuel. Figure out your gas mileage, check the fuel prices, do the math, and you're done. gas price/MPG=cost per mile

If your traveling 3000 miles and gas is 4.00 per gallon and the car gets 18 miles per gallon how much would that cost?

You will use about 167 gallons of gasoline on the trip. The 3,000-mile trip would cost about $668.00 in fuel.

If the locomotive can manage one half mile per gallon of diesel fuel what is the mileage in kilometers per liter?

1/2 mpg equates to about 0.212 km per liter.

How much diesel will you use for 200 miles?

Depends on the mile per gallon your diesel gets. Divide the MPG your vehicle gets into 200 and you will have your answer.

What is the formula used to calculate cost per mile based on fuel usage only.?

Miles driven divided by MPG = gallons used. Gallons used multiplied by price per gallon = total price spent for miles driven. Total cost divided into total miles = cost per mile.Take the price of gas and divided it by your cars mpg.Price of Gas Per Gallon/Miles Per Gallon = cost per mile.$3.12 per gallon/ 22 mpg = 14 cents per mile.

If your car gets 25 mpg how much does each mile cost on average?

That depends what the cost of your fuel is. Let's say gasoline is $3.00/gallon then one would be paying an average of $.12 per mile if your car gets 25 mpg

How many miles per gallon of fuel does a diesel-electric locomotive get?

The answer depends on how many cars they are pulling. 3 imp. gal. per mile is the average. This sounds bad, but you could 150 rail cars of freight with that.