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I have seen as low as 5% of the premium on some auto policies to over 100% on some life insurance premiums.

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Q: How much does a insurance agent earn?
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How much money can a life insurance agent earn?


How much does an insurance agent earn?

Many insurance agents earn their money by commission. If they do not earn commission, many would make around $25,000 and more yearly.

How much money does a title insurance representative earn?

I am a Title Insurance Agent in Florida. I earn $46,000 per year. I have 2 years experience and work for a small company.

How much money does an insurance agent earn?

== ==How much DO insurance agents make? Depending on whether you are in the US or AUS, they make about 15% and 12% respectively off the quoted price.

Does an insurance agent earn a salary?

Generally speaking, insurance agents do not earn salaries. They are paid on commission for the insurance policies they sell. See the related question to the right.

How much is insurance for a Volvo?

That would be best answered by an insurance agent. Contact your local insurance agent.

How much does an ncis agent earn?

they earn 5000 dollars a week.

How much does a health insurance agent earn?

An insurance agent selling health insurance on an individual basis, earns about 10% of the premium. Come carriers pay more for the first year and less in subsequent years. According to the department of labor the average agent earns about $44,000 per year. Don

How much is monkey bike insurance?

Call and ask your insurance agent.

How much does an moneygram agent earn?

37p a second

At Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co how much commission does an agent earn or receive for selling a 100000 survivorship whole life insurance policy?

Generally, whole life insurance pays a first year agent's commission of 55%; the General Agent then get's an override of appx. 45%, which may or may not be shared with the agent. But keep in mind that the agents commission is not relevant to the descision to buy if the life insurance proposed is the correct answer to the problem!

Why might an unethical agent try to sell you a new life insurance policy?

To increase the agents income, earn a promotion, earn a bonus, increase his (or her) standing and reputation among the other insurance agents.

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