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Q: How much money can a life insurance agent earn?
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Life insurance agent?

A life insurance agent is the person who knows about the various life insurance policies and explains them to potential clients. The agent is the person who sells you life insurance.

How much does a insurance agent earn?

I have seen as low as 5% of the premium on some auto policies to over 100% on some life insurance premiums.

At Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co how much commission does an agent earn or receive for selling a 100000 survivorship whole life insurance policy?

Generally, whole life insurance pays a first year agent's commission of 55%; the General Agent then get's an override of appx. 45%, which may or may not be shared with the agent. But keep in mind that the agents commission is not relevant to the descision to buy if the life insurance proposed is the correct answer to the problem!

Why might an unethical agent try to sell you a new life insurance policy?

To increase the agents income, earn a promotion, earn a bonus, increase his (or her) standing and reputation among the other insurance agents.

Can life insurance agent sell general insurance?


How to insure your parents with life insurance?

Call a licensed life insurance agent

Can you write your own life insurance policy as a life insurance agent?

Yes you can. As an agent, you are allowed to write your own policies.

Can a person become a life insurance agent with a felony criminal recordI still didn't get my question answered.?

Yes, in some cases a person with a felony can become a life insurance agent. However, it will depend on the type of crime that was committed. Any crime to do with money such as embezzlement will decrease chances of becoming an insurance agent.

Can you pay life insurance online?

You can buy and pay life insurance online. Online life insurance can be more effective and you can save more money. When you deal with the insurance agent the options are limited and you don't see the premiums other insurers could offer you.

Where can I get the right insurance agent training to advance my career?

There are many insurance agent training courses that could be right for you. For example, for life insurance training, you could try the courses provided by Independent Life Insurance Agent Association.

How can one make life insurance loans?

You can make life insurance loans through an insurance agent or bank. You probably first get a life insurance policy. You then fill out an application and the agent will process the application and give the loan. You can borrow up to $500,000 which will be subtracted from you death benefit. You then have to repay the loan off when you are done with it. Life insurance policies are forfeited when you sell you life insurance policy through settlement. Your beneficial will receive the portion of the money you paid back.

How do you get money back from lapsed life insurance met life?

how do you get money back from life insurance met

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