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they get paid about 70,000 dollars a year

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Q: How much does a investment banker get paid?
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A investment banker gets paid every week?

Yes,they do get paid every week though I don't no how much.

How much does a banker get paid a year?

Where in the world? What sort of banking - retail, investment, industrial? How experienced? How good?

How much does investment banker earn UK?

up to £200k if its an experienced banker.

How much does a banker get paid?

A lot

When was Richard Marin - investment banker - born?

Richard Marin - investment banker - was born in 1953.

How much do banker get paid?

He or she makes 9.00$ an hour

How much money do you get paid for being a banker?

if you are in USA you get paid $11 a hour

How much does a banker get paid in a day?

They get paid in England £50,000 in a America $30,000.

How to Pick an Investment Banker?

Before even vetting investment bankers, an investor must determine what kind of investment banker that he or she would be. The point of this exercise is to pick someone who has your same personality when it comes to investing. You will understand this person more and be much more interested in his or her strategy. For instance, if you have a high risk profile, then you want a high risk banker. If you like dealing in small cap stocks, then you want an investment banker that specializes in small cap stocks. Pick the investment banker that you would be if you had the time.

How much money does an investment banker earn in Australia?

That all depends on his reputation and who he works for.

What does dan quayle do now?

Investment Banker

Who is employer of investment banker?

Any person, who undertakes investment banking activity, employed by himself or an organisation which undertakes investment activity, is an investment banker. Hence he can be self employed or can be employed by an investment banking institution. Investment bankers are those, who can meet the financial requirement of any commercial or government organisation. Unlike a commercial banker, the risks of the investment is normally borne by the investor himself , and the investment bankers assist the investors with their expertise.

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