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The average cost of laptop power adapters is about $80 to $100 USD. You can find more affordable power adapters, but the quality and life span will not be as good.

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2011-10-11 17:57:13
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Q: How much does a laptop power adapter cost on average?
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What is the average cost of a replacement laptop power adapter?

It definitely depends on the type of computer that you are using. A Mac charger can cost up to $120, while a Dell charger may only cost up to $50. The prices are quite variable so it's difficult to say what the average price would be.

How much does a replacement Dell laptop adapter cost?

The cost of a replacement Dell laptop adapter will vary from place to place. Amazon will sell one as little as ´£4.00. Cheaper versions are available on eBay.

How much does a replacement HP laptop AC adapter cost?

A replacement HP laptop AC adapter cost varies on the model of the laptop. They generally are under $100 and usually in the $39 to $89 range. Of course there are sales and third party adapters that tend to be cheaper in price.

How much does a laptop power lead cost?

It depends what you mean by 'power lead' If you mean JUST the flex from the mains to the power adapter, cost is around £8.00 - However - if you mean to replace the whole power supply, it could be as much as £30 depending on the make & model.

What is the average cost for a lap top?

Average cost for laptop is around 1000 to 800 dollars.

What is the cost for a Toshiba Power adapter?

A power adaptor for a Toshiba laptop costs from around £10. The lowest prices can be obtained from Amazon or the eBay website. If one prefers to shop instore, they are also available from PC World.

What is the average cost of replacing laptop motherboards?

Our laptop motherboard is completely fried due to a lot of years of use. The average cost to replace our HP laptop motherboard is in the ballpark of $298 plus tax.

How much does a small laptop cost on average?

A low-spec laptop will cost you around $500, while a higher-performance laptop could run you $1000 or more.

What do you have to do to use a laptop as a screen for a game console?

You "simply" need a TV-in adapter... and as you noticed there are not so many laptops with TV-in. Therefore, I recommend byuing an external TV-in adapter - it cost about 60$.

What is the average price of a stylish laptop backpack?

Many stylish laptop backpacks cost at least $30 with some being more expensive. Basic stylish laptop backpacks can be purchased for under $50 with the average cost being around $40. The overall cost will depend on where the backpack is purchased.

How much money does an average laptop computer cost to run for a year?

Hmm. Some cost to 250$.

How much do laptop cords cost on average?

1100 dollars for a good one

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