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The 1884 Morgan Dollar is common, average retail value is $30.00-$40.00 for a example in circulated condition.


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If you are or are thinking about becoming a serious coin collector it is important that you understanding the grading system. If you want a silver dollar graded by a professional, then it can cost you approximately 112 dollars.

A morgan silver dollar cost minimum 30 dollars but if it has a "S" or a "CC" mintmark it can sell up to 130 dollars.

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If you are talking about modern bullion coins they cost around $34. If you are talking about historical silver dollars the price will depend on the date, condition, and mintmark.

The current year Presidential Silver Dollar Proof Sets sell for between $75 and $100 on Ebay. They can also be had at local collectible shops.

A current average retail value is $65.00 for this coin.

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