How much does a mermaid tail cost?

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over $100.00 if you want a good one
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How can you get a mermaid tail?

You can get one by being born from a parent with mermaid genes, like me, I have a whole history of having my magical powers being used for evil, nobody edit this answer or you will feel that bad magic! Although I do not use it often I just hate seeing people mock my own kind... Sorry if I offended a ( Full Answer )

How can you have a mermaids tail?

Mermaids do not exist. They are from stories and that means that people can not have a mermaid tail. Unless you get one at a costume store to wear at a costume party.that's all wrong you could go on ebay or goggle mermaid tails and and it should say you could get mermaid tails for cheap in child or ( Full Answer )

Where do you get a mermaid tail?

Mermaids do not exist. They are made up and from stories, so humans can not have a mermaid tail unless they make one from cloth or buy a costume.

How do you make a mermaid tail?

Before you make it read it fist. . First get some paper and drew around your legs but not as small as your legs make it bigger so you legs can fit in this needs to be 5cm longer measure it from your waist to you toes but so you can put your feet in you need to make it nice and big at the bottom ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy a fake mermaid tail?

Go to: You can pick the tail right for you and buy it. Actually, the best website to go to is because they make the professional mermaid tails that rock. I plan on getting one from there thats only like, 165 dollars!

Where can you buy cheap mermaid tails?

Well most mermaid tails are really rip offs so what i did is got a monofin from amazon $25-$30 and wore some tights but I prefer mermagica because mertailor has really bad tails there. Our website, has some mermaid tails for under $50, if you are looking for something that loo ( Full Answer )

How do you grow a mermaid fin tail?

You can't, since mermaids don't actually exist and if they did there still wouldn't be a way for you to turn into one any more than you can turn into a dog or a hamster.

Where to buy a mermaid tail? is just the best choice. They are affordable,realistic (you can get scales), durable, and beautiful. I've gottenmore than 1 tail from them :) i love them soooo much!

How do you make a rubber mermaid tail?

To make a rubber mermaid tail someone needs to design a mold. Thenthey pour the rubber into the mold to create the tail.

Where to buy mermaid tails?

My guess would be a costume shop or on-line company. Mermaids are too clever to be caught as history proves, and that would be horrible and cruel, and next to impossible since the only time humans usually see mermaids is on land and then well of course you know they don't have tails.

Where can you get a kind of cheap mermaid tail?

It's probably best to make your own out of a monofin and some swim fabric. You could have someone help you if you don't know how.. Here's a video that shows you how to do it:. . But, if you want a professional tail, here are some sites to browse:. The c ( Full Answer )

Can i have a red mermaid tail?

Yes you can chose your tail color. I have one and I got to chose. i really want to be a mermaid Yes you can www.emilyangelfish .com has many colors and styles to choose from!

How much does it cost to get a cat's tail amputated?

This will depend upon the medical condition of the cat, how muchneeds to be amputated and where exactly you are at. Yourveterinarian should be able to provide an estimate before startingsurgery.

Where can you BUY an h2o mermaid tail? is just the best choice. They are affordable,realistic (you can get scales), durable, and beautiful. I've gottenmore than 1 tail from the2tails :) i love them soooo much! The H2o tails were made buy a company called JMB FX and can go forabout $1,000. If you can't afford that or don't w ( Full Answer )

How many colors of mermaid tails are their?

green, h20 clour (copper) blue pink purple rainbow red every imaginable clour. Merfolk is an umbrella term for many water based species. There are two ancestral classes (the River Hags and the Orlaga Hag). Those of the River variety are primarily green, those of the Oriaga variety are brown. Of the ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a free mermaid tail?

Well, there is NO way you can get a free mermaid tail. But you could just dream about it because I also am wishing for one too.

How much does it cost to cut a puppy's tail?

This depends entirely on the veterinarian that you choose to do the procedure. You'll be paying for the exam, anesthesia, pain medication both during and after the procedure, the amputation itself, probable pre-anesthetic blood work, IV fluids, bandaging, and potentially hospitalization. Call around ( Full Answer )

Why do mermaids have tails?

Mermaids have tail because it is easier for them. With their tail comes a great power, they are very fast swimmers and can escape nearly everytime. So they have a tail so they can swim quicker.

Can someone have a tail like a mermaid?

Technically, one cannot have a tail, but there have been individuals born with their legs fused together in what is commonly known as Mermaid Syndrome.

How much does it cost to have a yorkies tail docked?

around $100 dollars, though you can do it yourself, by when they're puppies, put a rubber band around their tail for a long time, and when the blood circulation is cut off, just take some scissors and cut the tail off, DONE!

Do mermaids have tails?

It depends on how the artist or author wants to have the mermaid. Most are pictured with tails as part of the myth, but if a artist wanted to make a new mermaid he/she could. It is all make believe anyway so they can look any way you want.

How much does it cost to get a dogs tail cut?

Cutting a dog's tail is called docking. It is done on breeds suchas the Rottweiler and the boxer. Vets usually charge between $250and $500 to perform the procedure.

How much does it cost to make a mermaid habitat?

Depends on how much design you would like. I would look up the materials you would need/ desire, add it all together, plan it out (For designing and spacial moving for swimming/all other home materials), then actually make it happen it will take a while i believe you may do it.

Where can you get a REALLLY cheap mermaid tail?

You can get one for under $40, plus shipping at Maybe look at Etsy for some of the "party favor" or towel dress up kind? Or try a costume store.

How much does it cost to get a real mermaid tail just like those in H2O just add water and where do you get them?

It's easier to start with where: Any good props or special effects department at TV or film studios would be worth approaching. If they have spare time and if they have the right materials and IF you have sufficient funds, you might just be in luck. Realistic props such as a mermaid's tail are hand ( Full Answer )

H20 mermaid tails for sale?

YOU CAN GET THEM AT MEMAIDTAILS.DE THEY R AT THE RANGE OF 109-150 dollars. But they really do t last the foot piece might get so small and the tail to my mom called the people

Where can you get a mermaid tail that is waterproof? is just the best choice. They are affordable,realistic (you can get scales), durable, and beautiful. I've gottenmore than 1 tail from them :) i love them soooo much!

Where can you swim in a mermaid tail?

you can swim in a lake or pool. If you don't feel comfortable swimming with other people around you can go to a friend's house who has a pool and swim with them. you can swim anywhere with water if you have a mermaid tail or you are a person.

Should you get a mertailor mermaid tail?

Nope you shouldn't. He's a scam artist. Makes poor quality tails, doesn't do refunds or return, gets orders mixed up all the time. And bullies people who say anything bad about his service.

How do you make a good mermaid tail?

Remember to be original and create your own look. Things you will need: 1. 3 mm wetsuit neoprene material 2. Mono fin 3. dance fabric or paint (swim fabric) (optional) to cover wetsuitmaterial/decorate it 4. sequins/shells/diamontes (like circles since they resemblescales) 5. Rust proof (professio ( Full Answer )

What website has the BEST mermaid tails? is just the best choice. They are affordable,realistic (you can get scales), durable, and beautiful. I've gottenmore than 1 tail from them :) i love them soooo much! Magic tails is what I hear

Can you be a mermaid with out a tail?

no not really mermaids are known for having tails. The fresh water sprites of Britain known as Morgans do not have tails. The various forms of Nymphs usually did not have tails. But sirens are kind of like mermaids. Though they can not breath underwater they lure sailors to the rocks and their d ( Full Answer )

Can you become a mermaid without a tail?

Of course you can. I'm one. It's entirely possible. Just go to the sea, ocean, even a pond and write on a rock your wish to become a mermaid. Sometimes it doesnt happen. But it works. A lot of the times like me, those powers, aren't as strong as they show in TV. I knew I was destined to become a mer ( Full Answer )

Where to get 40 and under mermaid tails?

Many people make mermaid tails in many ways. Usually they areexpensive so for forty the best way is to make one though if thatis not a option eBay and Etsy might have a deal.

How much do h2o mermaid tails cost?

Right u want a tale well the ones u see r professional and their one of a kind but listen I will have to say they would be like 200 and this is where u could get one

When does a mermaid get her tail?

After you are a mermaid born or got to be a mermaid by powers,you will start being weird by having powers by7 years old.Every full moon if you look at it then you will have your tail more and more.if you don't look at one full moon you start all over again

When you become a mermaid is your tail permanent?

The only way you can get a mermaid tail is to get a costume. Since you can take of the costume it is obviously temporary. There is no way of actually becoming a mermaid because you cannot change what you are and mermaids do not exist.

Where can you get a fake mermaid tail in Ohio?

You can order them here: But they are pretty expensive. He made some for lady gaga though!

How much does it cost to have yorkies tails docked?

Please don't even think about docking your yorkie's tail. It's cruel to the dog. Would you want part of you docked just to make someone else think that you're prettier? Cost will vary depending on your location and your vet, but many vets do not perform cosmetic surgeries.

What are mermaid tails made of?

The mermaid tails are made up of dreams, thoughts and fiction, exceptionally neatly vowen on a fabric of pleasures and wishes, and a little bit of dreamdust from the nicest fairies. I am sad to say, but Mermaids are unfortunately only a myth. A fictional cross between fish and woman. Most men think ( Full Answer )

Is it hard to swim in a mermaid tail?

Maybe, it is hard work, requires use of your legs in a way you aren't used to and if it is a good one makes you go much faster.