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35K- 80K

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Q: How much does a microbiologist make?
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MD microbiologist if go for MBA then would it be useful?

Yes it can be much usefull in industrial bases if a microbiologist is doing MBA in lifescience especially.

What is food microbiologist?

A food microbiologist is, simply, a microbiologist who specializes in the microbiology of food.

How much do the microbiologist scientists get paid?

it is 1 pound they get payed that all nothing special

How much education do you have to have to become a microbiologist?

a medical degree and residency is required to work in this field

When was László Detre - microbiologist - born?

László Detre - microbiologist - was born in 1874.

When did László Detre - microbiologist - die?

László Detre - microbiologist - died in 1939.

What education and training is required to become a microbiologist?

a microbiologist must have atleast a masters degree

What is a good sentence with microbiologist and microscope?

The microbiologist uses a microscope to study microbiological organisms.

What do you have to learn to become a microbiologist?

To become a microbiologist, one must learn bioinformatics. One must also learn virology as well as immunology to become a successful microbiologist.

What groups of animals are usually not a concern of microbiologist?

Moths are not usually of concern to the microbiologist. Microbiologists study microorganisms, for example, viruses and bacteria. The median salary for a microbiologist is $42,304.

Who studies microscopic orginisms?


Where can a microbiologist work?