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cost of freedomThat's a hard one to answer, of course all solders receive great training in all of the services. While this is not cheap you have to take into the dollar amounts. This incudes houseing and food and clothing along with medical and dental care.But then you have to ask your self what is your FREEDOM worth? Hope this helps.
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Q: How much does a military servicemen cost?
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How di the Vietnam war influence drug use in the US?

US Servicemen were civilians before they were drafted into the military. US Servicemen are reflections of the society that they came from. Society influenced the military.

What is a good military speech topic?

A good military speech topic may be about anything that is relevant. This may include self sacrifice, defense, commitment, appreciation of military servicemen and women and so much more.

What percentage of military servicemen are affiliated with which religions and denominations?

Percentage representation of various religions in US military

What jobs do the military have for pediatritions?

The military does hire pediatricians. Many of them work on bases where they care for the children of servicemen and servicewomen.

Are current servicemen considered veterans?

Yes, Anyone who is serving or has served in the military is considered a veteren

How much money does it cost to enter military training?

It doesn't cost you to go to military training, the government will pay for it. All you have to do is pass their tests.

What branches of military offer insurance?

I believe that all of the branches of the military offer some form of insurance. If they do not then many insurance firms will offer military discounts to servicemen and women.

What branch of military did more US servicemen die during World War 2?


Did john Wayne join the service?

No, he was never in the military, although he portrayed servicemen in many films.

Can servicemen get government loans to help buy their first home?

I'm not an expert but I know that the government help servicemen get a loan or give them a loan if they want to buy a house. It is called a military loan.

How much does M14 SMUD military gun cost?

The M14 SMUD military gun cost approximately $8,000. It is not available for purchase by the general public.

How much does boot camp cost?

I believe the military will pay for it

Was there such a thing as a sixpence note?

The military produced Sixpence notes during various wars for the use of servicemen.

How many us soldiers were sent to Afghanistan?

The US military deployed around 94,000 servicemen and women

What is the Name of military prison in US?

Fort Leavenworth is the US Army's primary, and most famous military prison, aka military stockade during the Vietnam War, amongst US servicemen.

Where do I obtain information regarding military school?

My teenage son needs a military scshool and I need to obtain infomration where such is located and how much it will cost me to send him there?My teenage son needs a military scshool and I need to obtain infomration where such is located and how much it will cost me to send him there?

How can family members and friends support national servicemen in ensuring the military defence of Singapore?

Note: This is not the best answer. Family members and friends can support national servicemen in ensuring the military defence in Singapore in a few ways. For example, when Singapore encounters a threat like war, the national servicemen can protect their family members and friends by fighting against the threat. Other than that, national servicemen watch very closely for external threat, so when it arrives, they are the first to know about that and pass the message to their family and friends such that they will be protected. Also, national servicemen are ready to defend Singapore so no external threats will happen and everyone will be safe.

How much does a military grade intervention sniper rifle cost?


How much is it to obtain military insurance?

If you or a family member is enrolled in the military you receive health insurance at no additional cost. Other insurances such a car insurance are available for a cost.

What are two things the GI Bill did for returning military personnel?

Allow servicemen to go to college and buy a house

What US official military tomb in Washington DC has no names of servicemen on the tombstone?

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a tomb holding multiple deceased servicemen but has no names on the outside of the burial site because the remains were not able to be identified.

How much does an standard military grade m40a3 sniper rifle cost?

for one you nor any civilian can buy any current military grade weapons you can buy close to military grade and they cost from $1200 and up

How many lives did the Vietnam War cost America?

Over 58,000 US servicemen died.

What percentage of Hispanics serve in the military?

Approximately 170,000 Hispanic US Servicemen served in Vietnam, of which approximately 3,070 died there.

When is the Silver Star awarded to American servicemen?

The Silver Star that is awarded to American servicemen is awarded by the United Sates in instances of bravery in military combat. The award can be given while acting against the enemy or with service of a friendly foreign troop.