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A neurosurgeon studies for an absolute minimum of 14 years before being legally qualified to poke inside someone's head. But even after four years pre-med, four years MD and six years of residency, many neurosurgical candidates cram in a two-year master's degree and follow their residency with a one- to two-year subspecialty fellowship, if not significant Ph.D. research in neuroscience. And if you think that's a long haul as an impoverished student, try doing it while all your med school buddies are living large on GP salaries. On the flip side, the patient having his or her head examined probably feels better knowing that the guy wielding the knife put in 20 years for the privilege. But 20 years...isn't that a bit much? Lowest Reported $279655 Average Reported $438426 Highest Reported $713961 Answer: My father makes $18mill + a year. And it's 600,000 per surgery (depending on a procedure).

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Q: How much does a neurosurgeon get a paid a year?
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