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Fees are different in each state. The following is an excerpt from Arkansas' Notary Handbook for 2010.

"Arkansas law provides that a notary may charge $5 for each

certificate and seal he/she executes and affixes."

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How much does Bank of America charge for notary?

They do it for free I've heard.

Can a notary charge?


How much do notaries charge to notarize in Minnesota?

Notary charges in Minnesota are $1 per act.

How much does a notary typically charge for services to a non-account holder at a bank?


How much do notary publics make in Tennessee?

Notary publics in Tennessee and the rest of the US set their own fees. They can charge anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred depending on what their services involve.

What is the charge of a notary class?

notaries Public may charge a maximum of $5.00 per document.

Are notary services offered at Bank of America?

Bank of America does offer notary services. Notary services at Bank of America are free of charge to customers of the bank. Notary services are available during normal bank hours.

How much do notaries charge to notarize documents in New Jersey?

Notaries do not notarize documents. They notarize signatures. The cost depends on the particular notary.

Can your local bank notarize signatures for a living trust?

Any Notary can do it. Many banks provide notary services to their customers for a nominal charge or free.

How do you notarize something?

It depends on what you're asking. I suspect you mean, "How do you get a document notarized?" If so, you take the document to a Notary Public, sign the document in front of the Notary, and show ID. The Notary will stamp, date, and sign the document. You can usually find a Notary at a local bank. A Notary will normally charge you a small fee.

Does bank of America offer notary for power of attorney?

Most banks offer notary services for their customers. They may charge a small fee for non-customers.

What is a notary public and how is it public?

A notary public is a person who has applied and become licensed to act as a witness to another person's identity. Public simply infers that the notary is available to provide this act as a service for a nominal fee. Most often, states "cap" the amount that a person can charge for the service. For example, a state may decide that a notary public can only charge up to $5.00 for notarizing a document.

Do you have to pay to have papers notarized?

That is up to the notary; they have every right to charge. Most notaries I have dealt with have done so without charge.

Who would be a notary public officer in the UK?

A Notary Public can be found usually at banks, courthouses, and law firms. Some people are private citizens that offer notary services. There is usually a small fee charged by the Notary, however, your private bank may offer this service free of charge.

Can you transfer a vehicle title in Pennsylvania without a notary?

You must get your title notarized when you transfer a vehicle - DO NOT SIGN the title until you are in the presence of the notary!! Try going into your local bank - there may be a notary there who won't charge you because you are a bank customer.

Who can notarize power of attorney?

A notary public. Usually the bank that you do business with will notarize a document for no charge.

Can you charge what you want to notarize a document?

Texas has a schedule of maximum prices that can be charged for each possible notary service. I believe that every state has schedules of maximum prices which can be charged for a notary's service. In Texas, the notary can charge less than the maximum, if he chooses to.

How do you get something notarized?

Almost all banks of a notary. If you have anaccount at the bank, they usually do not charge. The Town Hall or City Hall may also have a notary there. There is also a section in the phone book under "notary public" that will list notaries in the area.If you are a notary, you witness a signature attached in your presence and then you attach your notary seal.If you are asked to have your signature on a document notarized, you would take the document to a notary, along with some form of valid identification, and sign it in their presence.

How much money does a notary make a year?

Notaries do not receive a annual government salary. They charge by the stamp. A stamp usually costs between 25 cents to 10 dollars

Where do you if you want to get a document notarised?

A notary will charge you for the service. Most real estate offices have them as well as tax prep places, or title companies. Search notary under services on Craig's List.

Is a notary advocate a gazetted officer?

yes,the notary is gazzetted officer in as much as central government published the list of notary as gazzetted officer in the gazzette notification published by the 1st week of january/2008 and a notary is also appointed by gazzete notification

How much do a notary get to sit in on a legal phone call?

There would be no need for a notary to be on a phone call between a lawyer and client. I am a notary and my job is to notarize documents not listen in between client and attorney.

What is the max a notary can charge for notarizing a signature?

In Illinois the maximum fee that can be charged is $1 per notarial act.

Do I have to be a registered notary public in order to purchase a notary stamp?

Only a notary public can order a notary stamp. It is not difficult o become a notary public.

Can a notary in a bank notarize a will in NY state?

A notary is a notary, I don't see why not.