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more than 200,000 thousand

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Q: How much does a psychiatrist earn in their own practice?
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Where does a psychiatrist find work?

A psychiatrist either works in their own practice. Or in a hospital or clinic.

How much money does a private practice psychiatrist usually earn?

Generally 200-250K a year, but you can make close to 300K if you run the business from your own home. That way there are no fees for renting office space.

How much does a pediatrician earn mothly?

It depends on which insurance company (HMO) he works for. Physicians no longer operate their own practice.

Benfits of becoming a psychiatrist?

you get to set your own schedule and there will always be a demand for psychiatrist. you get to set your own schedule and there will always be a demand for psychiatrist.

How much does a cardiologist earn?

The median income for a physician with a cardiology specialty is $339,738 a year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report in 2008. Cardiologists with their own practice will earn more.

How much can you earn while on ssi disability?

If I earn 20,000 from SSI disability, how much more can I earn on my own before it is taxable

How much do cardiac surgeons earn in Australia?

A cardiothoracic surgeon makes around 450k in a hospital but if you own a busy private practice around 1-2 billion.

How much does a child psychologist earn in Houston Texas?

if you are fresh out of school you will have to intern for free in another doctor's office. If you have a practice of your own, you can charge wheatever you think the market will bear.

How much does an unexperienced doctor earn?

An unexperienced doctor should be makeing aroung 70,000-163,000 per year but some places pay more or less ,so really it depends on were you work or if you own your own practice.

How much money does a female vet earn?

A female vet makes the same amount as a male vet. Most veterinarians make around 80,000 dollars a year and more if they have their own practice.

How much does a truck driver who owns his own truck earn a year?


Approximately how much do Landscape Contractors make per year?

Landscape Contractors can earn as little as $31,000 per year. They could earn as much as $100,000 per year if they own their own landscaping company.

What are the daily work hours of a psychiatrist?

it depends on their own schedule

What is a psychiatrist's favorite vegetable?

That depends entirely on the Psychiatrist. Just like people in other professions, each has his own favorites.

How do you earn money to own friends?

If you have to earn money to own friends, you will have no friends even though you own them. Get it?

How much money does a beautician earn if you run your own salon?

about 40 thousand a year

How much money does a rhode island RNA earn?

by farming and making their own furniture

How much does a mechanic earn that owns his or her own business?

between 150-250k a year

How much money does a cardiothoracic surgeon earn in Australia?

It all depends on where you live but on average about $450, 000 a year (In a hospital) But if you own a private practice and you are very busy between 1 and 2 million dollars.

How much money can earn owner truck driver?

owner operators earn about 90 cent a mile if you own your own truck. Some companies might want you to pay for your own gas it depends on the company you work for

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Wal-mart is not a franchise, you can't own one.

How do you get your own monster?

To get your very own monster, you should first see a psychiatrist. ;) Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

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My basketball has done very, very well. He's managed to put himself through school, and has since landed a job with the spurs as a practice ball.he now has his own place in SA and a 401k.

Work schedule for a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in prescribing medication for mental health problems. A psychiatrist can essentially set his own schedule, but most work in an office on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM.

How much does WikiAnswers earn annually?

WikiAnswers is own by which earns around $15 million annually.