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How much does a qualified linesman earn?


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they earn rounghly £120 a game

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Registered and qualified practitioners will earn 25 to 125K in the UK in 2012

Train drivers earn from £14000 to £15000 per month as trainees, and when qualified they get £25000 to £30000.

A qualified and experienced Sonographer can earn more than $67,000 annually.

Varies but approx $50.00 per hour for a qualified carpenter.

How much money a veterinarian can earn in Scotland depends on their level of experience and qualifications. A newly qualified vet can earn 21,800 GBP while a more senior vet can earn in excess of 53,000 GBP per year.

The cast of The Linesman - 2000 includes: Frank Bock as The Linesman

Once qualified a dentist must have a year's vocational training. During their VT year they should expect to earn approx £30k.

qualified theft can earn more then theft..:P

A newly qualified nurse's salary depends on where the nurse is working. However, average starting salaries range from $45,000 to $65,000 per year.

Trainee £12,000 (not enough lol) Qualified £16,000 (definatley not enough!)

normally a pro earns around 25,000-35,000 a year. If fully qualified.

Alot because we work very hard to keep ourselves & mates safe, Our consumers happy an our environment from any harm. An we are able to go home to our family each night.

If you're qualified you should be on about 26-35 an hour if you are working full time

RSPCA inspectors, investigate and help prevent cruelty to animals. RSPCA student inspectors start at £20,838 a year. Qualified inspectors earn £25,460 a year. This is just a rough guide on how much they earn.

Orthodontic Therapists have only recently become part of the dental team, the first ten therapists qualified in 2008. They work to the prescription of a dentist or orthodontist. Salaries vary regionally but a newly qualified orthodontic therapist can expect to earn around £40K.

A regional maintainer of lines for Hydro One in Ontario seems to earn about $110,000 annually in Canadian dollars. Even a trainee in a four-year program earns about that much.

Scott Driscoll - linesman - was born in 1968.

Michel Cormier - linesman - was born in 1974.

A firefighter has a starting salary of £21,583 per year which will rise to £28,766 once the firefighter is fully qualified.

£900 per match. Plus travel expenses.

Kenny Linesman was born on August 11, 1958, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Trainee Barristers - 10k-25k Qualified Barristers - 30k + I think the average salary is around £60k Top barristers earn lots more than this sometimes they can make millions

in England a fully qualified doctor after they have doe all there studies and specialised in a certain area I think it is a minimum of about £80,000

you can get doctors that earns up to about 100k a year! a newly qualified doctor can earn 20k+ depending on what qualifications you have and what area you work in!

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