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It depends on all the variables? That means everything is negotiable including the realtor's commission fee which is negotiable by law in the United States. While It's relatively standard for the average Realtor to expect somewhere in the neighborhood of 3% of the the agreed-upon real estate Stated in the REPC, there are exceptions to the rule.

Commissions based on the selling price are paid to the listing and selling agent at the completion of the sale. The agency also gets a cut. Those fees can vary according to the particular transaction, the agency, the region or the state. It has been reported that agents are experiencing a declining share of commissions.

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Q: How much does a real estate earn?
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How much does a real estate appraiser earn?

A Real estate apprizer makes about 58,890 anually

How much does a real estate home stager earn?


How much can a real estate salesperson earn in New York?

The salary of a real estate agent in New York ranges from $55,000 to $107,000.

How much do a real estate agents rep earn?

It depends on several factors ; the real estate company, performance of the real estate. The more property the agent sells, the more earnings for him as he has additional commissions.

How much does a real estate agent earn a month?

There is no definite numbers as to how much a real estate agent earn a month. However, there is a basis of how much a realtor agent "can" earn. For those who are new in the industry, they may struggle in the market to convert sales and earn less than what they expect to. However, those who are more experienced in real estate sales may convert more sales and deals, thus earning more and way better.

How much real estate commission do new home sales agents earn?

A real estate agent can earn usually from five to ten percent of a commission based on how much the property was sold for. they could earn more or less depending on how much the property is worth and what percentage the owner is willing to pay for the agent to sell his property.

What workers earn commissions?

Real estate brokers and salespeople earn commissions.

Why work in real estate?

Real estate income may not always be like a water from a faucet that continuously giving you money for an endless period of time. However, with proper real estate skills, you can earn that can be an equivalent to your one-year salary. Seldom you can earn with real estate endeavor but you certainly can earn big time even just at once.

How did Donald Trump earn money?

real estate

How did Donald Trump earn his money?

real estate.

How does Donald Trump earn his money?

real estate

What is the minimal educational requirements for real estate agents?

Real estate agents need to earn at least a high school diploma to meet the minimum educational requirements, but they can also choose to continue and earn degrees related to real estate and finance.

How much money does a real estate agent earn in 2023?

If you find someone to answer this question with certainty, find out how much they earn and take that job! Whoever can see in to the future 10 years will be rather wealthy! Real Estate is what you make it! If you sell 10 - $200,000 homes in one year you will earn on average $42,000/yr before taxes

How much does a real estate agent earn?

I don't there could be an accurate answer to this question because the real estate Industary works differently for different locations like if an agent is selling Bungalows in Canada he will differently and would earn different commissions then one buy selling bungalows in India

How much money do real estate agents earn in Australia?

The starting annual income for a real estate sales agent in Australia is around $49,000. Senior sales agents can make as much as $85,000. The average annual salary is $65,000.

How much is the average real estate brokers commission in New Mexico?

The average real estate brokers commission is around 5,000 dollars per transaction. They usually earn 3 to 6 percent of a sale.

How can you earn 1 million dollars a year?

by investing in real estate

How much commission would a real estate salesperson earn if he receives a 5 percent commission and sold a 75.000 house?


How much do real estate agents make working for a builder?

How much do real estate agents make a year?

What is the motto of Investors United School of Real Estate Investing?

Investors United - School of Real Estate Investing -'s motto is 'Earn while you learn.'.

How much does a real estate appraisal earn?

You need to ask around your particular area. Try a local newspaper sponsored chat room.

How much money does a real estate make?

The median annual earnings of real estate agents were $30930 in 2002.

What degree to become a broker in Real Estate?

High School diploma is the minimum requirement to become a real estate broker. But you can also have an option to choose and earn a bachelor's degree in finance. But to get a license it is required for most state to get a post secondary course in finance or real estate.

How much commission does real estate agent earn?

It depends on how many house they are selling and how much does it cost, it is per percentage basis, around 5-10% of the price of the house they able to sell.

How much do property lawyers make?

Real estate attorneys in the United States earn from $92,149 per year to $159,236 per year. The median salary is $125,963.