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It depends on how many hits they have. The bigger the hit the bigger money they will earn. If they have a big hit, they will play in bigger venues which will pay more. Also, if they have a hit it might just be used in a commercial or movie. A lot of rock bands haven't had more than one hit. All you need is one hit to get millions and millions of dollars.

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How do you earn new songs on rock band wii?

Play solo mode to earn.

How much money does a rockstar earn?

There is not limit to how much money a rock star can earn. The best rock stars make the most money.

How many rock band games are there?

There are several Rock Band games. Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2, Rock Band Track Pack Vol. 1, 2, Classic Rock, and AC/DC. And on September 9th, Rock Band: The Beatles will be out, (and I already reserved a copy, which you can pretty much do at any game store).

How much does the band Green Day earn per year?

they earn over 430 thousand a year

What are the names of all the Rock Band games?

The names of all of the Rock Band games are: Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3, Rock Band 4, The Beatles: Rock Band, Green Day: Rock Band, Lego Rock Band, Rock Band Blitz, Rock Band Unplugged, Rock Band Mobile, Rock Band (iOS), and Rock Band Reloaded. The expansions include: Vol. 1, AC/DC Live, Vol. 2, Classic Rock, Country, Metal, and Country 2.

How much money does a manager of a band earn?

How much money a manager of a band earns depends on the band and their contract with the band. They are usually paid a base salary and a percentage of sales and earnings.

How much money does a high school band director earn?


How much does a band 6 nurse earn?

50p per year

When you full combo a rock band song why are there people who have as much as 18000 pts more than you?

# the band combo is a band that have any kind of bandlike march band combo,rock band and etc..

Does rock band 2 drums work with Lego rock band?'s pretty much the same format

How much is rock band?

i don't know how much rockband1 is but rock band 2 is 140 dollars(plus tax >.>) and it has the new wireless drum kit.

Can you play rock band 2 disc with rock band?

The Rock Band 2 disc will work for Rock Band - and the Rock Band disc will work on Rock Band 2, they are both backwards compatible

Can rock band 2 die?

It's possible. Besides, Guitar Hero is so much better than Rock Band.

When is the new rock band?

The beatles rock band and Lego rock band later this year and rock band 3 in 2010.

Is the rock band guitar compatabile with rock band 2?

yes the rock band guitar is compatible with rock band 2

Can you play rock band 2 songs on rock band 3?

Yes. Rock Band 2 songs work with Rock Band 3. HOWEVER, you can NOT use Rock Band 3 songs in Rock Band 2, and DLC released after the release of Rock Band 3 will not work on Rock Band 1 or 2.

How much does a Band director earn?

They make about 41,00 a year in most states.

Is move along on rock band or rock band 2?

rock band 2

Is a Guitar Hero guitar compatible with rock band 2?

Yes, as well as Rock Band 3, The Beatles Rock Band, and Green Day Rock Band, I doubt it with Rock Band

How much do surgeons earn in Little Rock?

They get payed $330,000,000 a year

Will there be a who rock band?

There is a rock band called The Who.

How much money does Dave Matthews Earn annually?

how much does Dave matthews band make a year

Should I get Rock band or rock band 2 for Wii?

You should get rock band 2

What is rock band unpluged?

Rock Band Unpluged is the Rock Band game for Sony PSP

Definition of rock band?

A band that writes rock music only. Therefore they are listed as a band who plays rock music, and is shortened to "Rock band".

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