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What keeps Orlando's economy going?

The Orlando Predators, arena Football Orlando Magic, NBA Walt Disney World Resort Sea World Universal Orlando Resort The Florida Mall

What would it cost to travel to Zimbabwe on Delta Airlines roundtrip?

It would depend where you are flying from and if you are travelling, Economy, Economy Plus or First Class (Business Elite). It would also depend on the time of year.

Why are there so many Ohioans in Florida?

Because Ohio has terrible weather and a bad economy. Florida has wonderful weather and a vibrant economy.

What factors are a threat to Florida panthers?


How is the economy in Florida?

Florida has a thriving economy with strong sectors in tourism, agriculture and business. However, during the financial crisis of 2008, housing prices in Florida plummeted and many homeowners went into foreclosure.

What opened near Orlando in 1971 that changed Florida's economy for ever?

Disney world!!

How is the economy of Florida?

its horribe like the rest of the states

What is a good attention getter for a paragraph about Florida?

The economy

Did Johnny Depp do anything good for Florida?

His films are shown in Florida movie theaters which is good for the economy.

What are some cheap services for Portland rental cars?

There are quite a few services that rent cars for a reasonable price in Portland. For example some of the leading ones are ACE, Budget, Economy and Europcar.

What crop is more important to the economy of Florida lumber or oranges?


What would happen to the economy of Florida if the space program were discontinued?


Why is people the most important thing in Florida?

most people are tourists and Florida gets most of their money for the economy from tourism

What is the cost of an airline ticket from Orlando to Dallas?

The cost of a round way airline ticket from Orlando to Dallas cost around $270 for an economy class ticket. First class tickets cost around $590 and up. One way economy class tickets cost close to $190.

How is sunshine a natural resource for Florida?

Sunshine is a natural resource for Florida because the abundance of sunshine contributes to the economy through agricultural development and tourism.

What plane do you go on with virgin Atlantic from Manchester to Orlando Florida?

A Boeing 747-400. All Manchester aircraft feature the Upper Class Suite. None feature the new Premium Economy seating or V-Port, Instead they feature either NOVA or ODYSSEY (Both non AVOD).

How much is a flight from Seattle to Orlando?

Flight from Seattle to Orlando takes around 6 hours. Prices for one way airline tickets are ranged between USD 300-370 (economy) depending on airline company and season.

What is the economy in Florida?

im doing a states report so i need an answer peopel out there?oh and who knows

Why was there a need for Migrant workers in Florida in the 20th century?

because of the war the American men were apart of, Florida neede men labours to help build up the economy.

Does Bruno's grocery stores plan to expand to Florida?

It is very doubtful that Brunos will expand further into Florida considering the state of the newly independent company and the falling economy.

Renting in Orlando, FL?

Many people know about Orlando, FL for its great theme parks and water parks. However, there is much more to Orlando outside of the traditional notions of theme parks. Orlando is a beautiful city in Florida that is a major central point of business and Florida’s economy. There are all sorts of shopping centers and comedy clubs that also make Orlando a famous city in Florida. Gatoreland is another popular place for adventures, featuring some of the rarest forms of wildlife throughout Florida. Of course, Walt Disney World continues to be one of the top attractions for those going to Orlando, whether it is for a vacation or permanent lifestyle. This article will discuss some of the positive reasons one should consider moving to Orlando, FL and the benefits it can bring one’s life. Many of the best condos in Orlando are found in high rise buildings. This is just the norm for condo living in Orlando, Florida. Solaire neighborhood is a popular place for high rise condo buildings. Solaire is also one of the safest parts of Orlando, as well as affluent. The Orlando skyline is simply a breathtaking view. Living in a high rise condo building, you will get to wake up and watch the sun rise over the skyline every single day. Many condos in Orlando start at $180,000 and can easily get more expensive. What differentiates the expenses is the type of condo it is and the type of amenities included. For example, Trump Towers contain some of the most elaborate amenities throughout Orlando and are priced to reflect those amenities. These condos can cost millions of dollars, but they include the most luxurious amenities ever thought possible. Other more modest condos simply contain the basic amenities, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and some sort of doorman. The best condo buildings will have some sort of cafe or open bar available at all hours of the day. They will also have private beach access. Overall, there are many benefits to living in Orlando. One can have access to the beach while living a city life. It is truly a great place to rent a condo.

Did Walt Disney impact Florida?

Yes, the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971 drastically changed the Florida economy. The state now focuses heavily on tourism rather than agriculture.

How does the exploration of space benefit Florida's economy?

Phase 1 of Exploration Park alone, is responsible for 1,700+ jobs for Florida.

Does Pennsylvania extradite to Florida for non payment of child support?

Yes, however in this economy, the states are reevaluating the cost of doing so.

How much gas will it cost to drive from ny to Florida?

Not enough information. Please include the distance, economy of the vehicle, and the cost of fuel.

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