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The weight of stove will vary depending on whether it is gas or electric and what it is made of. A stoves may weigh between 100 and 250lbs.

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How much does a cast iron crown wood stove weigh?


How much does a gas stove weigh?

A standard 4 burner gas stove weighs 150- 170 pounds

How much does the average microwave stove weigh?

somewhere between 5 and 10 pounds

How much is 6 on a stove?

Depends on the stove, all differ.

How much amperage for a 20 hotpoint stove?

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What is the value of a Bristol universal stove?

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How much watts does a stove use?

The answer depends on the stove and the way in which it generates heat.

How much is an antique coal stove worth?

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How much is a royal ranger cast iron stove worth?

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How much is a Birmingham stove and range model 126 wood burning stove?


Is it necessary to have legs on a wood burning stove?

If the stove was designed with legs (most are) then you should have legs on the stove. This is to keep the very hot parts of the stove away from things that can burn. Some masonry stoves do not have legs- but weigh several tons, and will never get hot enough to cause a fire.

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What are the energy costs for electric stoves?

For someone buying a electric stove over a gas stove, it isn't very energy efficient. The costs for a electric stove is almost three times as much for a gas stove.

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