How much does a union lumber make journeyman?


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How much does a joerneyman plumber make in Illinois

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32 dollars an hour is journeyman scale plus benefits

The average annual income for a union journeyman electrician working in Sheffield, Alabama is $55,000. The average annual income for this position in the United States is $49,000.

The average yearly salary of a journeyman electrician is $46,000. Journeyman electricians work in a variety of different environments.

Depends on the union scale and weather or not your a journeyman, at least 50+plus benefit's could go as high as 70+ for high work.

As of February, 2011 the journeyman rate including vacation pay is $29/hr.

in Washington state the journeyman union rate for an ironworker is $33 per hour as of 2007, probally higher now.

about 30-46 can dollar per hour

In Alberta a Journeyman can make $34 - $42 an hour, and if you go out on your own then you can make much much more!

My husband is a lumber grader and made 59,000 last year!

A full scale journeyman $33.00 p/h

how much does a union electrician apprentice make?

A Las Vegas, NV union master journeyman makes $39.01 / hr as of July 1st 2008. This contract ends July 1st 2011 with the wage at $44 and some change.

Not enough!! Journeyman make anywhere between 18 and 30 an hour depending on where you live

In Washington state, in the Glazier's Union (more specifically local #188), the journeyman currently make $34.10 per hour. Apprentices start at 50% and receive a 5% increase every six months. Once a year the contract that was voted on by the union members will specify an increase of the journeyman wage on July 1st of every year, thereby affecting the apprentices wages accordingly. There are exceptions to this answer but for the most part we make $34.10.

$28 per hour for a journeyman $45 to $85 per hour for a master

It will depend on what country you are in. If you are in Canada, and working in Alberta, you can expect to make about $43/hour as a journeyman.

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Union plumbers wageUnion members make 50 dollars an hour checking.

It depends on how much the journeyman makes 1st yr. Apprentice is 50% of what the journeyman makes 2nd yr. Is 60% 3rd yr. Is 75%. 4th yr. Is 90% then journeyman rate

Usually by reading, learning, and hiring on as an apprentice for a electrical company. When you are a electrical journeyman, you make much more money than becoming a journeyman vehicle repair mechanic. I am a master mechanic and should have been an electrician or doctor.

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