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How much does an English Bulldog cost?

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Most breeders will charge a minimum of $1,500 for their bulldogs and generally will not exceed a $3,000 asking price. BCARN (Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network) charges an adoption fee, for their bulldogs, of about $500 to cover generated expenses when fostering their dogs. If you are interested in acquiring a quality bulldog a good place to start is the BCA's (Bulldog Club of America) breeder referral list.

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Whats the purchase cost of an english bulldog?

A full-blooded English Bulldog can have a purchase cost of $2,000 to $3,000.

What cost more olde English bulldog or English bulldog?

a young dog costs more becuse it lives longer

how much does a French Bulldog cost on average?

French bulldog Cost start $2200 top-quality dogs with outstanding breed lines can range from $5500 to $10000

How much is an English bulldog as a puppy?

The typical English Bulldog puppy will go for $1500-$2500 dollars.

How much will a 2 year old English bulldog cost?

O-2,000 dollars. It really just depends

What would and Old English Bulldog cross English Bulldog?

I'm trying to say WHERE English Bulldog(now) came from/what kind of dog is bredto become an English Bulldog,It is the Bulldog(past) and the pug is bred to becomean English BulldogBULLDOG(OLD) + PUG =ENGLISH BULLDOG

What is the difference between an olde English bulldog and an English bulldog?

olde English bulldog are way bigger than a english bulldog

How much do English bulldogs cost?

a nice looking bulldog can cost at the highest 5,000 dollars and a pretty good bulldog can be about a couple hundred to a thousand dollars. a healthy English bulldog puppy, bred by responsible and caring breeders, will cost at least $1500 dollars, a bulldog that is show quality/ or has champion bloodlines will usually cost between $1500-4000+, an English bulldog puppy that is for sale under $1000 may have problems( health,temper,etc.) and may also have come from a puppy-mill. You can get an adult bulldog from a shelter/bulldog rescue league for usually a small adoption-fee, however rescued bulldogs often have health problems and may need medication given to them as frequently as everyday.

How much money does a bulldog puppy cost?


What can you expect to pay when buying bulldog puppies for sale?

For a pure bred English bulldog, you can expect to pay a very high price. A pure bred English bulldog can cost anywhere from $2000 to $3000 from a quality breeder.

What is a miniature English bulldog?

A miniature English bulldog is a mix between a bulldog and a pug!

What do you get when you cross an English Bulldog with a Victorian bulldog?

you would get an Old English Victorian bulldog.

How much does an American Bulldog cost?

An American bulldog puppy will cost between at least 1,200.00. Often the price is closer to 1,800.00. You may be able to get an older American bulldog for less money.

How much does an English bulldog weigh?

English Bulldogs weigh 45-55 lbs on average.

What would an English bulldog cross American bulldog look like?

The Johnson strain of American Bulldog has a very heavy build that already resembles the English Bulldog, while the Scott strain of American Bulldog tends to be more standard in appearance. If you were to breed an English Bulldog to a Johnson Strain of American Bulldog they would very much look like a somewhat larger than normal English Bulldog. However, if you were to breed an English Bulldog to a Scott strain of American Bulldog the resulting puppies would probably look like Johnson American Bulldogs. The American Bulldog is believed to be a descendant of the English Bulldog. While the English Bulldog was bred down over time to be a stockier, more squish faced dog, the American was bred more true to its original parentage. The American Bulldogs of today, particularly of the Johnson strain, are probably a better example of what the English Bulldog once looked like, then the English Bulldogs themselves. Olde English Bulldogs (an English bulldog crossed with an American bulldog) is not as 'stockey' as English bulldogs are, and their snout is a bit longer (still very stubby, though), plus their tail is longer (still short)

What is the website English Bulldog Rescue all about?

English Bulldog Rescue is a website for English Bulldog adoptions. The dogs offered on this site are from a breeder who also rescues English Bulldogs.

Breeds of bulldogs?

There are over 30 different types of Bulldogs with the most common being the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, American Bulldog, Olde English Bulldog, Alpaha Blue-Blood Bulldog, British Bulldog, and Victorian Bulldog.

What type of bulldog is Jack the Bulldog of georgetown university?

Jack is an English Bulldog.

What dog is faster American bulldog or a bull dog?

If it is a English bull dog they are much fater and less active then American bulldog

Can eating chocolate cookie harm an English bulldog?

Chocolate is not good for any dog. Small amounts don't do much damage, but your English bulldog could still get sick from it.

What is the genus of an English Bulldog?

The genus of an English Bulldog is the same as all dogs; Canis.

How much can somebody expect to pay for a pure breed English Bulldog puppy?

The cost of a pure breed England Bulldog will depend on where you choose to purchase the dog. You can get purebreed rescue dogs very cheap (usually under $100), whereas from a breeder they usually cost in the range of $1500-$2000.

How much does a American bulldog cost?

well, some $250 overs $600!

Which bulldog is born without tails?

I believe it is the English Bulldog.

Is an American bulldog cuter than an english bulldog?