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"How much does an RN get paid in Bakerfield California?" "How much does an RN get paid in Bakerfield California?"

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Q: How much does an RN get paid in Bakersfield California?
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How much does an RN get paid in California?

$35.12 hourly 75,000 yearly the cost of living is also one of the highest in the nation.

How much does a RN get paid an hour?


How much does a rn and a lvn get paid?

How much do LVN's expect tp get paid? In TX, in MO, in CO...

How much do RN nurses get paid in Alabama?

nurses get paid about 40,000 in 2 weeks

How much does an RN make in Indiana?

They are paid in sexual favors. They are paid in sexual favors.

Can a California RN work in another state?

A California RN can only be an RN in California. However, if that same RN was to get registered to be an RN in a different state, they could work there as well.

How much does a RN nurse make in California?

How much does Atlanta RN nurses get paid?

Nurses in atlanta normally gets paid 39.85 a Hour

How much do RN get paid in New Mexico?

50 per hour

How much money do radiologist make in California?

California's malpractice is second only to New Jersey so not much Joymaker RN

How much does a RN get paid in Savannah Gerogia?

500 dollars an hour. Move to Savannah!!

How much does a RN get paid in a hospital?

About 25/hr in Texas depending on experience and if you accept insurance or not.

How much does a registered nurse make in Pittsburgh California?

The average wage of an RN in California is 25-33 dollars an hour.

How much do Rn's get paid a year on a full-time job?

40,000$-70,000$ depending on where you live and what type of nursing you do.

How much does a nursery nurse get paid?

It would be the same amount as a RN because you must get your RN degree before you can specialize in neonatal which is the nursery. It would be the same

How much do nurses get paid in Wisconsin?

Depending where you work starting salary for a new RN starts at $21.50-$33.00 an hour

How much money does an RN in California earn?

well my mom works as an rn in cali and i seen her tax forms she made 155000 and came home to atl every other month almost

What is the pay rate for registered nurses in Fresno local hospitals?

The average salary for a RN in Fresno, California is $61,000. Some of the highest paid nurses can earn about $77,000 in Fresno.

Do you get paid more by being a RN or an OBGYN?

An obstetrician is a doctor so they get paid more.

What is the median salary of an rn?

Rn's mostly get paid 44,000 +. It depends where you live, & where you work.

Are there nursing jobs that do not require a RN license?

yes there are nursing jobs that don't require a rn license but if you get one of does jobs you will get paid less because you don't have that much experiences. but if you have a rn nursing license you can get paid more. **That doesn't even make sense... If you want a NURSING job, you have to go to school and obtain either your RN or LPN license. You can be an aide usually with little or no training. Granted, you make very little money, but you gain experience in the field.

How much RN get paid in Wisconsin?

In the state of Wisconsin, the average annual salary for a registered nurse is $59,000. In the United States as a whole, the average is $67,930.

What is the highest paid RN career path?

A specialized Nurse Practioner.

How much do you get paid as a rn?

The average salary for a registered nurse is around 67,000 dollars per year. Although this is the average salary, beginner nurses may start much lower than this.

How much does a LPN make in VA?

not enough, i can tell you that, it depends on if you are full-time or PRN, what shift you are working and how much experience you have... go back to school to be an RN, LPNs are paid like a CNA