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The official retail price for the system are as follows:

Xbox 360 Arcade: $199

Xbox 360 Elite: $299.99 (120 GB) and $399.99 (250 GB)

Of course, buying a used system would probably be cheaper. There are also bundles and limited edition versions of the console which come packaged with games, which typically cost more.

Xbox 360 Kinect: 4GB 199$

Xbox 360 Kinect: 250GB 299$


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Q: How much does an Xbox 360 cost in America?
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How how much do Xbox 360 cost with a harddrive cost in America?

an xbox 360 with a 60 gb hard drive costs $300 and a xbox 360 with a 120 gb hard drive costs $400

How much does a XBox 360 Elite cost?


How much does an Xbox 360 cost in South Africa?

it cost the same in north America but is different looking as ours

How much is the Xbox 360 Kinect?

The xbox 360 kinect i goin to cost $149.99.

How much does a xbox 360 cost in best buy?

Depends on the GB of the xbox 360

How much does a Xbox 360 cost?

It depends on what Xbox you get:Xbox 360 Elite = £189.97 - $289.14Xbox 360 Premium = £129.99 - $197.85Xbox 360 Arcade = £109.99 - $167.41

How much does the xbox 360 pro cost?

An XBox 360 Pro costs $300 in Canada...

Is an xbox 360 elite cost more than a xbox 360?

Yes but not much more

How much does it cost to upgrade from Xbox 360?

from what??

What is the price of the Xbox 720 in America?

We do not know how much the Xbox 720 will cost when it arrives. The cost of it will depend on how powerful the hardware it uses is. I expect it will most likely cost about the same as the Xbox 360 did when it first came out.

How much does and xbox 360 cost?

It cost $200 now.

How much cost Xbox 360 in abudhabi?

it cost 1,389

How much does a xbox 360 elite cost at gamestop?

The xbox 360 elite costs about $250 at gamestop

How much does star wars galaxies cost for the xbox 360?

It is a PC game and not a Xbox 360 game

How much does an xbox 360 pro cost in America?

The pro costs $200. The arcade is $99 and the elite is $300.

How much does a Xbox 360 modem cost?

How much is the modem

How much does it cost for an xbox 360 at Gamestop?

An xbox 360 can range anywhere between $299.00 and up at gamestop. They also sell used xbox 360 which cost alot less. These xbox 360's are refurbished and in good condition.

How much is an white Xbox 360 cost?

On 10/24/2014 a working white xbox 360 cost anywhere from $70 to $165.

How much does Kinect cost?

The Xbox 360 kinect cost $150.00

How much does it cost to flash an xbox 360?

i may cost about 30$

How much does an Xbox 360 and a Kinect cost?

Together they cost about $300

How much does xbox 360 cost now?

it is about $856

How much do xbox 360 cost?

about 2oo dollars

How much does an Xbox 360 unused cost?

about £160

How much does an xbox 360 slim cost?