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How much does an architect earn?

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Pay for an ArchitectI am an intern architect in the midwest. I have also worked on the west coast. I know what many of my peers in different locations make. Once you leave an accredited 5-7 year school, your title will be "intern architect" until you finish your IDP training (which takes at least 3 years) and finish your ARE exams (another year, at least). After that, you can be classified as architect. Out of school, most interns make about 32-42, depending on geog. location. If you can find north of 36k fresh out of school anywhere, you're doing pretty well compared to your peers. 2-3 years w/o license = 40-45k. 4-6 yrs w/ license = 45-52k. This is essentially the peak until you are a consummate prof. at an established firm (10+ yrs exp w/ full command of architecture (not easy)). When at that level, 55-70k may be expected. Of course, owners of large firms often make north of 6 figures, but these people are seasoned professionals and account for less than 2% of the career.

architects make like around 100,000-500,000. because an architect that made like 200,000 and if you get hired in a good paid company then you might make around 400,000 or maybe 600,000

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How much does a software architect earn?

How much does a software architect earn? $120K 20% bonus and benefits. 2007, southern US

How much does a architect earn?

It depends on what kind of architect you are if you're a architect who designs sky scrapper then you can earn like about 2-6 million dollars.

How much money does an architect earn in South Africa?


How much money does an Architect in Australia Earn a year?


How Much Does A Landscape Architect Earn Yearly?

6000 dollars a month

Who can earn more an architect or a builder?

police of sub-continent can earn more an architect and a builder.

How much does an interior architect earn?

The average annual income for an interior architect in the United States is $66,000. The average annual salary for an interior architect in New York City is $91,000.

How much money does an entry level architect earn?

try career they have a salary estimator

How much do architects earn?

The median expected salary for a typical Architect in the United States is $56,637.

How much money does an archiect earn?

a architect makes 18,690 a month and it all depends on their work.

How much does an architect in india earn?

An architect in India can make over ₹1.5 million, this translates into slightly over $24,000. Employees in India tend to be underpaid. As American architects earn on average between $40,000 and $60,000.

How much money does an architect with an MBA earn?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for an architect as of May 2008 is, $76,750.

About how much money do you get in an architect job?

The average salary of an architect is approximately 73,090 US dollars. The majority of architects earn between 44,600 and 118,230 US dollars.

How much money does an architect earn in the UK?

Architects in the UK make anywhere from 30,000-65,000 a year.

How much does graduate with bachelor of architect degree earn in Kenya?

Between 60,000 and 80,000ksh. that is 1000$ a month

How much money does an architect who design skyscrapers earn a year?

i heard it was two dollars per story

How much do architects in south Africa earn per month?

a new architect can earn about R200 000 per year which is about R16 500 per month

How much money does a naval architect earn?

The amount of money that a naval architect earns may vary depending on where they work and level of experience. The salary ranges between $45,000 and $110,000.

How much money does an architect in Cyprus earn?

It depends where he works, how many clients he has, and how much experience has. Not two architects will earn exactly the same. A good architect in Cyprus will learn at least 3,000 euros per month if he works as an employee, and many times more if he runs his own successful company.

How much money does a golf course architect earn?

Golf course architects salaries can range from $57,000 to $105,000 a year.

Why become an architect?

There are various reasons that you might choose to become an architect. For example, there is the fact that they earn a good wage.

How much does an architect get paid monthly?

how much does a architect get paid a month?

How much does Australia architect earn?

Well they can get paid anywhere from $34.000 to $74.000 but it all depends on how long you've been doing it and how good you are

About how much does an architect get paid?

Architect I- $38,053.50 Average.

Does an architect or a dentist earn more money?

Unless the architect is exceptionally well-known and well-paid, the dentist will make more money.