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Q: How much does an armored truck guard make?
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How much money do armored truck drivers make?

highest paid truckdriver job

How much does an armored Gurkha truck cost?

More tan my Hummer.

How much does armored truck weigh?

About 15-30 tons, depends on nation,force, and 190 metr tonnes

How much do you make if your an armored assault vehicle officer?


How much do armored vehicles weigh?

An armoed vehicle weighs about 12000 lb (5448 kg). You can read more at or

How much does a money delivery guard make?

I started working as an armored guard in 2000 and my starting wage was $9.25 an hr. After 5 years I had maxed out my pay at $15.00 per hour. There are several different companies but the average starting wage in the mid west is $9.50 - $12.00.

How much money did Armored gross worldwide?

Armored grossed $23,661,038 worldwide.

How much do a truck mechanic make?

Truck mechanics make many repairs to trucks, depends on the location.

What are the specifications that make a truck a super truck?

The specifications that make a truck a super truck would be how much it can carry. As well as how wide and long and strong the super truck is can also tell you what kind of truck it is.

How much does a dunbar armored guard get paid?

$14.00+- /hour to start depending on qualifications and experience. Per their hiring HR geek at Jan 28 employment screening.

How much money did Armored gross domestically?

Armored grossed $15,988,876 in the domestic market.

How much does a unarmed security guard make aper hour?

not much

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