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How much does an auto mechanic earn a year?


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The median yearly salary is close to $40,000 per year. The amount will vary depending your their experience and where they work at.

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How much an auto mechanic earns in Australia depends on their experience and where they work. Experienced auto techs can earn up t0 45k per year.

20 years ago, easy 100000 a year plus .... now, with poor parts, 90000 maybe

I live in ohio an i am head to school for diesel mechanic an i wonder how much would i make a year??

How much an automotive mechanic earns in Australia depends on their experience and where they work. If you a good mechanic you can earn more depending on where you are working and the terms of payment agreed upon between the two parties.

im a first year mechanic with a masive company .. so far i earn £125 a week plus overtime .. moneys bad for a while but goes up every year and when your qualified skys the limit....

approx. 60,000 a year after paying help and buying parts and overhead

i am 10 year mechanic bt i no have a how could i get a lience

In WA, anywhere from $17 to $25 per hour. About the same in CA.

The average yearly salary for an auto mechanic is $36,000. The range of salary varies depending on experience and place of employment.

Depends on experience and where you live and what particular brand you work on. It can vary from $30K a year to well over 100K a year.

It depends on many factors. Many auto mechanices are specialized and different types of pay rates are used. In the US, an auto mechanic can make from $40,000 to $200,000 per year depending upon location, training, and specialties.

The pay will range heavily depending on your specialty and if you are a master mechanic or not. You can expect to earn between 40,000.00 and 70.000 per year as a harley mechanic.

These days its very hard to specify how much a Auto mechanic or Technician as there now known.This is because different places have different rates.E.GI worked at a independent specialist and staff were getting £35,000 a yearMy mate worked at a local garage And staff were getting £28,500 a yearThis is mostly because my garage charges a high hourly rate because we use high tech equipment the manufactures use.But a regular mechanic is looking at something between £27-30,000 a yearThe average salary that a mechanic can make is about $39,000 a year.

A really fast tech working in a dealership can make $100,000 a year, most make 50 - 70

Depending on the year, manual or auto, an experienced mechanic could do it in 4-8 hours.Depending on the year, manual or auto, an experienced mechanic could do it in 4-8 hours.

1st year about 75,000 2nd year about 150,000 and a full time good work will make a easy 300,000 a year some of the best get 500,000 a year

From what I heard technical directors can earn more than £500,000 a year and the younger mechanics, who are usually in their early thirties, pick up £60,000 to £80,000.

how much dose kenya earn in a year

It really depends on where you work and how much you work, however, on average they earn around $35,000 a year which isn't bad considering it is a vocational job and only people who are intrigued by mechanics really get involved and get their hands dirty.

They earn about $14,000 a year.

THEY EARN £100,000,000,000,000,000 A YEAR

For a mature age 1st year apprentice mechanic (21years or older) the award rate is $12+ /hour.

The avarage amount an Auto Salesman earns a year, is around 25k (Thousand). the pay is so low, because they provide you with everything.

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