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How much does freon cost for a 1998 Honda civic?


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You can get a can at an auto port for $20.


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A 2003 Honda Civic'c cost will depend largely on the amount of miles on the Honda Civic. The more miles on the civic, the cheaper the Honda Civic will be.

Approx $65.00, for an 2005 Honda Civic EX

Cost for new tires on a Honda Civic will vary. This price will be different depending on whether they are new or used and where you purchase them.

My wife is paying 441.00 for her Honda civic '05.

The cost for a clutch in a Honda Civic 1.4 varies by retailer. This part retails between 150.00 and 175.00.

The cost to replace a transmission on a Honda Civic depends on where the transmission is purchased, if it is new or used, and the charge of labor if any at all. Some used transmissions for a Honda Civic can start around $500. A new transmission can start around $1,700.

I've got a 97 Honda Civic DX, which I had a Honda Dealership in San Jose, CA install the AC for me. It cost me a little over $1500.00 dollars to have it done.

how do i change the interior on the door panel of a 99 Honda civic dx

I had a Honda Civic 2003. It cost me $430 total. The break-up was $230 (parts) + 3 hr (labor) ($70/hr)

i want to now how much it is to repair a Honda civic type r clutch 2003/2004 model

First off it contains no Freon. The refrigrant used is not Freon R12 but is R134a. Freon is extremely expensive but R134a is around $7 per 12 ounce can.

For my '88 Civic, it cost me right at $180 to replace back in '97.

Learn to spell cost first. Spend money on education. Then go get a decent civic for 3 grand

Depends what kind of alternator you have in it

its gonna cost starting from 12 lacks - 14 lacks......

I have Honda Civic 2010, and it cost 75 bucks per month for me.

The price of a 2008 Honda Civic depends on the quality of the used car you are purchasing. It also depends on where in the country you are purchasing from, and what kind of dealership you are buying it from.

The cost of a new blower motor for a 1991 Honda Civic ranges between 60.00 and 80.00 as of 2014. Labor to install ranges from 50.00 to 75.00 an hour.

Currently you can purchase a 1992 Honda Civic between 200 and 2000 USD. The cost depends largely on the condition the car. On average a good condition model will cost $1000.

I currently own a 93 Honda Civic LX and living in FL a full tank of gas can run anywhere between $25-30

New? Used? Which one, Civic or Accord?

To replace the starter on a Honda Civic, you can expect to pay around $50. This is an average price, as some are $20, while others are closer to $100.

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