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Dude did you hit your head, there is no halo reach for wii.


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Halo Reach will cost like any other normal consol game, $60.00.

Halo Reach approximately cost $59.99

Halo Reach will cost $59.99 with tax. So if you buy it at any store near you bring $64 and you will get the game in the United States!

Depends where you buy It it's normally 40-50 $

halo reach is made by bungie and they got $600

there is Halo 3: ODST(formerly known as recon) and Halo Reach, the game that bungie decided to make after thinking halo 3 really shouldn't be the final game to follow the series so halo reach is pretty much halo 4 :D

i think like maybe 30 dollars?

Well it all depends on which one. For insistence halo 3 cost around $28.00 were as Halo reach cost around $50.00 for the nomal edition and $80.00 for the legendary edition

I don't know but it costs 19.99 at bestbuy. (woot!)

Maybe $64.99 with tax at walmart

its $59.99 i think if you pre order it u get a recon helmet or something

at gamestop its $49.99 for a pre-owned one $59.99 for a new one

Go check it in the Market Place in the Game itself

It's "Noble", and it WILL cost 800 MS points, or 10 US dollars. They (Bungie) would never go past 800, as it is the limit for all game ADD-ONS, but halo CE is 1200 MS points, and Halo 3 is 29.99, or 2400 MS points.

No, Halo Reach occurs much before Halo 4. In the timeline of the actual world, the games go: Halo Wars Halo: Reach Halo Combat Evolved (And Anniversary) Halo 2 Halo 3 Halo 3 ODST (Same time as Halo 3) Halo 4

As much as we all would like one, there is no cheat to give you "tons of credits" in Halo: Reach. You'll just have to play the game as usual.

On the Launch Day alone, Halo Reach made $200 Million.

Probably, Halo Wars but its a strategy game. The least violent first person shooter version of Halo would probably Halo Reach, or Halo 2. They both have less blood and gore and are the most kid friendly despite its M rating there has been much controversy about kids playing them. None of the Halo games are over the top violent though, but the least violent would have to be Halo Reach and Halo Wars.

You always get credits in halo reach until you reach inheritor, you only get banned if you get said credits illegally...

Halo Reach will be at the "low" price of 59.99. However other versions such as the legendary edition, will be 149.99! If your not a Halo collector, go for the 59.99 one.

Halo reach is better than MW3 halo you can make your OWN maps,and you have a chance at actually killing the person whos shooting you in the back! I do like MW3 but you just die TOO easily. I know its supposed to be realistic, but its just not my game. There is so much creation in halo that YOU would not believe it!!!!! HALO 4!!!!! Peace :D

120,000. The first add on is 25,000 and the UA/HUL[3] is 120,000

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