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How much does homebrewing cost?

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Surprisingly little! Not counting your time, making a decent home brew is less expensive than buying a commercially available micro-brew or craft brew.

There are some start-up costs, of course: you need to buy an entry-level brewing kit and, if you haven't been saving your empties, bottles for your beer. Malt extract kits that make five gallons of finished beer cost about 30 bucks. They vary by five dollars either way depending upon how much malt is in the kit and what type of yeast you get. If you wish to make beer using the all-grain method -- purists frown upon using liquid or dry malt extracts -- the costs are higher because you need a bit more equipment. Newbs should always start with the malt-extract kits, though.

You can get a bare-bones brew kit for less than $60 through various vendors. Upgrades can take you over the century mark. And there are numerous accessories -- that I think are essential -- that will impact your wallet. But all in all, it's not a very expensive hobby, especially if you consider how much you'd spend on beer if you weren't making your own. And your beer will be MUCH BETTER than ANY macro-brew out there!

Ways to Keep the Cost Down:

There are a number of good books that provide suggestions for making your own brewing kits. Food grade plastic buckets, surgical tubing and copper pipe can all be acquired as surplus. Saving bottles is a big help, also! Acquiring quantities of the ceramic gasket types of bottles eliminates the need to buy bottle caps. But under no circumstance should you scrimp on sanitation!

2014-06-24 14:36:48
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