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its free to be a member.
25$ to start a Club Penguin account. You can use a create card to pay, cash or club penguin gift card. to find a gift card go to your local super market or go on online atwww.clubpenuin/

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yes it does cost money to be amember on club penguin non member no it will be 7.95 per month to be a member on club penguin....

It currently costs $57.95 to be a member on Club Penguin for a year.

No it does not cost money to join Club Penguin, only if you want to be a member.

Only if you want to become a member on Club Penguin. If you are a member, you have to pay 5 dollars a month or 60 dollars a year. You really can't do anything on Club Penguin if you arent a member. So, basically, if you want to actually DO something on Club Penguin, yes, it costs money. And a LOT of money, really.

yes it cost £4 for a month

habbo cost money. club penguin dont unless ur a member. and club penguin is excellent. habbo sucks.

It costs money to become a proper member on clubpenguin ( for clothes and stuff ) but if you don't want them it is free.

YUP but not real money, you collect coins by doing games in club penguin, so you can afford different type of houses :) But to get the different types of houses and to decorate them, you need to become a member which DOES cost money.

well..... $5.99 a month $29.99 every 6 months and the best deal.... $59.99 a year!

they cost 800 coins, which you can earn by playing games on club penguin

You should ask. To play without being a member... non, you do not but, if you want to become a member... yes, you have to ask before because it does cost money.

800 coins, but you need to be a member to get one

FREE Not if you are a member!!! It costs $5.95 dollars a month!!!! You can buy the cards at Rite Aid.

Joining Habbo is free. If you wish to become an HC (Habbo Club) member then the cost is 15 coins for 1 month. If you wish to become a VIP member then the cost is 20 coins for 1 month.

To create a penguin it is free but to become a member it costs: $6.95c a month. There are deals on 6 months and 12 month memberships as well. Search Club Penguin on google and click the first one... when you have created a penguin and signed in atthe top will be the buttons PARENT INFO, LOG OUT and BECOME A MEMBER and a lot more. Click on become a member to pay and find out further price deals and offers. Membership fees are localised and depend on the currency used to pay for the membership. Expect to pay somewhere around $5.00 per month, though more expensive plans are also available.

basic club penguin does not cost money if u dont want to be a member if u do then it will cost 7.95 per month witch includes clothes igloo, being able to buy things and too have your choice of puffles .... non member only get red or blue puffles cant buy anything and does not have any clothes unless you have club penguin codes witch u can unlock at the tresure chest in the gift shop ...

It cost £19.00 for a 6 month membership for club penguin

well if you are an member on club penguin go to the sports shop and look for the brown/redish swimsuit. and it cost 500 coins and if you want the swim cap + goggles you need 200 more coins.

you can buy them at walmart, target,and you can buy them from club penguin and they cost $6.00 for month

Each puffle on club penguin costs 800 coins.

No it doesn't, however only if you want to become a member in a club but the games are free!

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