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How much does it cost to buy a pregnancy test from a pharmacy?


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Depends on where you live but usually between 10- 15 US dollars. $7-$10 for a home pregnancy kit. I have just read the biography page for this questioner, and if it is true you really need to tell your Mom or someone about what has been happening to you. This is not something you should be doing on your own.


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Pregnancy test strips have a standard cost around $10-20 at practically any pharmacy.

Go and buy pregnancy test from the pharmacy or go to your gynecologist

Go to a drugstore or pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test kit.

An example of a antibody-based test that can be bought at your local pharamacy wouldbe a Pregnancy Test. a pregnancy test is pretty much an ELISA.

Any chemist, pharmacy or reasonable supermarket will sell a pregnancy test kit

Do a pregnancy test with a chemical kit you can buy in the pharmacy, over the counter.

Try a drug store, or a local pharmacy.

A home pregnancy kit is relatively affordable for anyone and is available in any pharmacy or health outlet nearest to you.

Get one from the Pharmacy. There is no age requirement for pregnancy tests.

go to your doctor and they will perform urnialysis or blood work. or you can go to your local pharmacy or grocery store and get a pregnancy test.

There are many home pregnancy tests for your friend to use. Home pregnancy test are pretty much the same in terms of accuracy and reliability, so I would recommend the pregnancy test that is the cheapest at a local grocery store or pharmacy.

most pregnancy tests can be used the a after a missed period. each test will tell you when you can use the test from. or ask at a pharmacy.

If you have the money in your pocket for a hospital visit, by all means go there. However, a test kit from the pharmacy would be much more cost effective and quicker.

A doctor's pregnancy test is much more accurate, where as a home pregnancy test can be faulty.

test is to diagnose viability of pregnancy and site of pregnancy(up to some extent) its cost about 250 indian ruppes(5-6 US $) only.

sometimes, but it can also mean that you are getting your period. to be sure, i suggest that you go to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test.

Buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy, follow the directions carefully and find out.

It might not, but you can buy a pregnancy test at your local pharmacy for no more than $10 and it is 99% accurate.

You can go to any pharmacy and pick up a home pregnancy test. This is a stick which will detect pregnancy through urine. They are fairly reliable but to be 100% sure you should visit a clinic and get a blood test.

Anyone can purchase a Clearblue Easy pregnancy test at any WalMart. For reasonable prices, ClearBlue pregnancy can be purchased very easily at the pharmacy section of any WalMart.

A pharmacy technician test is available to download from education websites. How easy they are depends on the individual, but an online pharmacy technician test is a useful learning tool to prepare the student for their exams.

By going to a pharmacy and buying a pregnancy test thing and taking the test after about 2-3 week of waiting or u can go to the doctor and ask for a pregnancy test Hope that help Not to mention I'm only 14

You cannot do a prenatal test at that stage of a pregnancy, however you can do a test the day the baby is born Andrea@DNA QLD

No. Pregnancy is a biological issue, and no matter what you think (positive or negative), it will not effect the pregnancy test.

I hear there is a new test kit that can detect the pregnancy hormone 1 week after conception. Ask your local pharmacy for this.

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