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jar food cost about 35 cents and jar and formula :powder cost 12 dollars a can and 4 dollars a can for concentrated, the ready to feed can is about 6 to 7 dollars and diapers cost anywhere from 12to 20 dollars depending on the different brands.

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Q: How much does it cost to buy food and diapers for a baby?
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How much do diapers cost yearly?

The cost of a pack of 124 Pampers Baby Dry Diapers (Newborn size) is approximately $26.00, and a baby uses about 10 diapers per day, on average. Therefore, the cost for a year of diapers would be approximately $765.

How much does a month's supply of baby diapers cost?

about $60.00 for Huggies :]

How much do diapers cost for 0-3 month old baby?


How much did a pack of diapers cost in the year of 1999?

how much did a pack of diapers cost in 1999

How much do diapers cost per month?

Babies go through several diapers a day, especially when they are young. The average baby needs about $80-150 worth of diapers a month.

How much does a diaper cost?

Depending on if you buy in bulk and what brand you buy, baby diapers cost anywhere from $0.25 to $0.40 each.

How much do baby diapers cost for one year?

It depends on the brand, but I was looking it up for a project and babies go through a pack of diapers a week on average. So the answer I got is it costs $2340 for a yearly supply of diapers.

How much did baby food cost in 1997?


How much did diapers cost in 1987?


How much does food cost for a baby per day?

well it depends on how much you feed you baby

How much does little swimmers cost?

Little Swimmers diapers cost about the same as regular diapers. If a box of regular diapers is $10, the Little Swimmers are about $12 for the same amount of diapers.

How much does it Cost of 500 jars of baby food?

If you get the average baby food, one would cost around $.98 so if you multiply that my 500, then 500 jars of baby food would cost $490

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