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If the whole backglass needs to be replaced the cost will be approx. $250-$325 here's a link to look for a good used one in your area, you can usually get a good used one and have a qualified shop install it for you much cheaper.

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How can you fix a driver's side door window yourself?

how do you change out the left back door window in a 1989 Toyota corolla?

Where in a 1999 Toyota Corolla is the back window defroster button?

It is on above of right vent the button is there on the top of middle vent console

Where is the antenna for Toyota Corolla?

Depends on the year. Since 2003, and probably before that, it's a a big ugly mast sticking out of the roof near the back window. Toyota shornened it for the 2012 model year but same place

What kind of speakers do you need for your 1989 Toyota Corolla?

The Corolla is one of the most popular models ever built by Toyota Motors. The car used to come with fixed speakers in the dashboard. However, you can add any type of speakers at the back of your car by making few adjustments to the thin board.

How do you remove the back seat of a 1998 Toyota Corolla?

To remove the back seat of a 1998 Toyota Corolla, you will need to remove the carpet to expose the bolts for the seat. Then, loosen the bolts by removing the nuts. You can then remove the seat.

Why would a 1987 Toyota Corolla shake when in drive?

Take it back and get them to check it.

How do you put the back seats down in a Toyota corolla?

is your toyot a saloon or estate and what year

What is the bolt pattern on a 1981 Toyota corolla lift back?

4 x 4.5"

The Stereo fuse on a 2000 Toyota Corolla went out and I cant find it.?

In my 2000 Toyota Corolla CE fuse for the radio is located at the back side of the radio, you need to pull out the radio and you will see the fuse on the back side of it between wires

How do you change the timing on a Toyota Corolla after the timing belt broke?

When you have the belt put back on correctly it will be back in time.

How do you replace the rear window on a 1997 Toyota Corolla?

simple to do it the cheap way you go to a junk yard find a 97 Toyota pay for the back window (they usually take it off for free) u take it slide it in the back and take a caulk gun and run down the sides and top and bottom then u scrape off the exes caulk and let it dry

Where is the oil dipstick located on a 1989 Toyota Corolla?

It is located at the back left (if your looking head on) of the engine. If your car is carby, (which nearly all 89 modals are) its behind that. Bad spot i know.

1990 Toyota corolla rr power window went down - will not come back up using frontrear buttons Toyota service said they could prop it up with a 2x4 but that it would problably come smashing down?

the window motor is bad. order a motor . then have it replaced. easy to do your self. former Toyota tech.I would try replacing the switch that controls the problem window first. I had the same problem with the front passenger window of a 1999 Corolla. I thought it was the motor at first but when i put the switch from the rear window on it, it came up just fine. I don't know why, but it also effects the driver's control panel.

Flashing vsc light on toyota corolla came on along with check engine light?

If the VSC flashing light comes on at the same time on your Toyota Corolla, then there might be a sensor issue, and if you have a warranty, have it back to the manufacturer.

What size are the stock front and back speakers in a 1991 Toyota Corolla?

An educated guess: 5 1/2 inch round - this is the case in my 1992 Corolla.

How do you replace a light bulb for a Toyota Corolla 1993?

omfg what light bulb? the one on the back porch?

Where is the speed sensor on 1994 Toyota Corolla DX?

somewhere on the trans in the front or back. It should have an electrical plug connected to it.

What size are stock speakers in a 1996 Toyota corolla?

5 1/4 in the front and 6 1/2 in the back

Why would your 95 Toyota Corolla die after running for 5 minutes then wont strt back up?

Timing Belt?

How do you change starter on a 1988 Toyota Corolla sedan?

In the back of the engine one bolt is hidden under the air box

What cause dash light and back lite to blow fuse in Toyota Corolla 1974 model?

You have an electrical short somewhere.

What years do the Toyota Tundras rear window roll down?

All the models that are double cab have a roll down back window.

How do you reset the oil change light on a Toyota Corolla verso?

Resetting the oil light on a Toyota Corolla Verso is very easy to do. You just need to take the battery cables off the battery for a few minutes and then put them back on. This will reset the oil change light.

Where is the PCV valve in Toyota Corolla 1994?

back of the valve cover-passenger side i believe-it has a vacuum line running to the intake.

How do you remove the stereo in a 1988 Toyota Corolla?

Remove the plastic panel, remove the bolts, disconnect the wires from the back of the stereo and remove