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The question may be answered in two parts. You will need a truck and a driver and then somewhere to dump the dirt. If the dirt is "clean", you will have an easier time finding somewhere to unload it, possibly for free. If it goes to the dump, there is likely to be a charge based on weight. You might advertise it as free dirt for the pick up and see if anyone wants it. Definitely will cost you some money to remove that much dirt.

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It depends. Look in the phone book and call around for "excavators" or landscapers...then ask them to give you a bid.

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How many truckloads of dirt do you need to build a 1200 cubic yard house pad?

It depends on the size of the truck.

Can I ride my dirt bike on my private property?

There are no laws that say you can't ride a dirt bike or any other motor vehicle on your own property.... as long as you stay on your property then yes you can ride your dirt bike on your own property

What substance cannot be removed from water by filtering it?


What is fill dirt?

Fill dirt is dirt that someone has removed from one area and needs to dump somewhere else. Often this is dirt that has been removed so that a swimming pool can be installed or excess dirt from clearing land for construction. There is clean fill dirt, which does not have trash, plant material, rocks or chemical additions and this is preferred for reuse in yards for planting.

Why do your feet attract dirt?

no but dirt has a sticky property so it occupies space on the cleaner surfaces

If you have a hole 80 feet long 45 feet wide 11 feet deep how much dirt do i have?

39,600 cubic feet. 1,466 cubic yards or about 122 truckloads if it were non-compacted fill.

How much dirt. 2.12 acres. Need to dig 1 feet of clay and replace with stone?

An acre is 43650 sq ft. In 2.12 acres, there are 92347.2 sq ft. If you need to dig out 1 foot over the entire property, you will be removing 92347.2 cubic feet of dirt. Divide by 27 (cubic feet in a cubic yard) to convert the volume to 3420.3 cubic yards. If an average commercial dump truck holds 10 to 14 cubic feet of dirt, that translates to anywhere from 244 to 342 truckloads of dirt to haul away.

What is the amount of dirt removed from the earth during the construction of the panama canal?

96 million cubic yards of dirt

How much dirt is in a hole 3ft wide 3ft deep?

None. All the dirt is removed to make the hole!

Do you need a filter for a swimming pool?

Yes. That is how the dirt is removed.

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How much d dirt bike. Helmets cost

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In today's games, most baseballs are removed from play in both cases. You just may not notice the ball being removed after and grounder, but it normally is.

How much do dirt bike suits cost?

Dirt bike gear is very expensive equipment. The average dirt bike suit can cost anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars.

How much dirt is in a 3'x5'x2' hole?

30 cubic feet of dirt have been removed,and no dirt remains in the hole.

Is there dirt on the moon Io?

yes there is moon dirt and u can buy moon dirt but it cost billions of dollars

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Can you sell dirt off property with a tax lien on it?


How much dirt is in a 2 foot diameter hole that is 4 feet deep?

None. If it's a hole, then the dirt has been removed.

How much dirt does a 4x4 hole in the ground hold?

None. All of the dirt has been removed from that volume in order to construct the hole.

Dirt bike covered under home owners insurance?

Is a dirt bike covered under homeowner personal property?

Do you have to register a dirt bike to ride it?

absolutely. riding an unregistered dirt bike is illegal, unless on your own private property

How much does it cost to build a pro freestyle dirt bike?

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What is the cost of a dirt bike track?

to make one, well you need lots of things like dirt, and the tools to make it. dirt is expensive but you can loook on ads to find out if there are any exess dirt for free. bobcats cost like 200 a day to rent.

What is removed from the water before it is piped into your homes?

they remove sand.. dirt .. rocks

How much dirt is in a hole 18 inches wide and one foot deep?

None. The hole is there precisely because all the dirt in it was removed.