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best ambiance restaurants on Amravati road

and at the best price in Nagpur

Best Restaurants on Amravati road. Find Outdoor Dining Restaurants, Open-air restaurant, best ambiance restaurant, Late Night Dining in Amravati Road, Nagpur.Rajkamal Inn is Nagpurโ€™s best Garden Restaurant anyone can visit. Located on Amravati road, we hold the legacy of more than 27 Years.

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There are too many variable to answer this question. Which city, urban or suburbs. High or low traffic area. Quality of the building... You get the idea. Maybe this link will help though .

along with this, it will depend on the location where you are renting the space, how big or small the space is, what facilities are being offered along with the space, what is the reputation of that area, what kind of people frequent that area as it will directly affect your sales and the rent too.. and if the economy is up or down.

I would indeed agree to the location of where you live is based on the cost of living that is in your country or state. One owner who sold his bakery for example sold the franchise for about 25,000 which in turn did not included the rent. The business you would already need to have a plan on what it would cost to manage the business. Many business start out slow and some business offer promotions and other means to get more customers to your store. Most rental fees cost around 1,000 for the electric power and water. Start out with something small and then build from the that. Business owner's are now using their personal property to conduct business these days, but again all must register for a business license to conduct any sales of goods or services. Contact your local state or government's Department of Revenue and Tax business branch as well as your H&R Block agencies for more information.


The rental cost is not nearly as important as the business plan to maximize the restaurant. That includes (or should!) well beyond the plan to get diners in paying for supper. You need to look at Demographics of those likely to frequent your place, similar competition, foot traffic patterns, etc PLUS develop your outside sales plan asap. That can be as simple as advertising dinners to go (perhaps at a discounted rate for 4 or more); and as extreme asd weddings & other catered events completed off-premise.

Look at the LAYOUT & FLOW of the kitchen- is there room to prep the types of food you want to serve- for instance- if you want lots of fancy knife work & carving or to break daown primal cuts of meat as wellas bake ckes- make sure there's enough room for the cooks to operate safely. Plus refrigeration- either separate coolers or zones in a walk-in for poultry/meat/seafood (around 32*F, fresh produce (40*F), dairy (low 30s), and prepared foods. Look at all this & do your demo plan. If homework is right, you have a slim chance to succeed (as most close w/in a year)

At least renting beats owning! Unless you, personally, can afford to buy it. Then lease it back to your Restaurant LLC at mkt rate- that way, if you fail, you can rent it to another to keep at least the mortgage being met....

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Q: How much does it cost to rent restaurant space?
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