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I brought my Sonoma in for this this morning and my quote was $1900 for the whole deal. $1900 was my quote for my clutch, this is from a Chevy dealer service deaprtment. I have not seen the breakdown of parts and labor.

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How hard would it be to replace oil pan on 1995 Sonoma?

How hard would it be to replace oil pan on 1996 Sonoma?

How much labor to replace a clutch on a 1996 Pontiac sunfire?

The labor to replace a clutch on a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire can range from $670 to $850, depending on where you go. This does not include the cost of the clutch itself, which is roughly $800.

How do i replace a clutch master cylinder in a 1996 Honda civic?

how difficult is it to replace the MS on a 1996 Honda accord

Will dodge pay to replace cracked dash in my 1996 ram 1500 pickup?


How to replace the clutch on a Mazda miata 1996?

I used this guide when I changed the clutch in my 97.

Easy way to replace oil pan gasket on 1996 gmc sonoma?

it isn't easy it isn't easy

What is the cost to replace water pump on 1996 dodge ram 1500 pickup?

How much to replace a clutch in 1996 Mitsubishi Mirage S?

The cost to replace a clutch varies by area because of labor costs. The amount could be as high as $2,500 or as low as $500 depending on the labor cost. The clutch itself is around $150 to $300.

How do you replace a feul pump on a 1996 chevy s10 pickup?

raise the bed up it would be easier

How do you replace a fuel pump on a 1996 Dodge Dakota pickup?

You have to remove the fuel tank or truck bed to access it.

How long does it take to replace a fuel pump on a 1996 Nissan 4-cylinder pickup?

2 hours.

How do you replace the Clutch for a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS?

If you go to you can view repair guides online free.

How do you replace a clutch on a 1996 escort lx?

The tranny has to come out. Expect to pay $500 labor plus $165 for the clutch. Don't attempt this repair unless you are an experienced mechanic.

How do you replace brake line on a 1996 gmc sonoma?

buy some stell brake line and bend it up then place double flare on the ends

Replace upper ball joints on dodge 2500 pickup?

I've done it on a 1996 ram 1500 it's a pain and you have no choice but to replace both the upper and lower

How do you disconnect the clutch line from the master cylinder on a 1996 Chevy pickup?

sledge hammer last I knew the master cylinder was for the brakes, but the above answer may be adequate for that question.

How do you fix the clutch spring on a 1996 Geo Metro?

If you are referring to the little springs inside the clutch assembly itself, you don't fix them, you replace the clutch.See:How_do_you_replace_the_clutch_in_a_96_Geo_MetroIf you mean anything else in there with the clutch, see the above anyway, that'll get you inside.

Is there a cable to the clutch of a 1996 Honda Accord?

No the clutch is hydraulic.

How do you replace an oxygen sensor in a 1996 F250 diesel pickup?

If someone could please explain who to get to the oxygen sensor and explain where it is for sure?

Will a steering wheel from a 1996 Chevy pickup fit on a 1970 Chevy pickup?

NO it will not.

Where is the clutch reservoir on 1996 Geo Tracker?

The clutch reservoir on a 1996 Geo Tracker is located in the engine compartment, near the firewall. It stores clutch fluid which is pulled into the system as needed.

Where is clutch fluid reservoir on 1996 mercury mystique?

On a 1996 Mercury Mystique : The brake fluid reservoir is also the clutch fluid reservoir

Where is the location of the clutch safety switch on a 1996 civic CX?

behind the clutch pedal.

Where are the freeze plugs in a 1996 gmc sonoma?

Where are the freeze plugs located on a 2003 GMC Sonoma 4.3L Vortec engine?

How do you change a mx-3 1996 clutch?

you have to remove the engine (some people will drop it some people will lift it, it depends on the tools you have) then separate the engine and the transmission; replace the clutch(try to get a clutch kit so you can replaced the pressure plate as well) replace/machine flywheel as needed. then put back together, and place the drive train back into the car.