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How much does one gallon of oil weigh?


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One gallon of oil is 6-8 pounds depending on density. If you assume SAE 10W-30 oil; density is 875 grasm/litre = 1.929 pounds per litre = 7.3 pounds per US gallon.
Assume SAE 10W-30 oil; density is 875 grasm/litre = 1.929 pounds per litre = 7.3 pounds per US gallon. Cheers Malcolm
at .9 grams/ milliliter, one gallon of oil weighs 3.4 kilograms


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The weight of one gallon of coconut oil is 7.7 pounds or 3.5 kilograms. In comparison, the weight of one gallon of milk is 9 pounds.

Approximately 7 pounds for a USG

One gallon of rainwater weighs: 3.78541178kg

Hi. Brake fluid is some form of oil so it is light and will weigh less than one gallon of water, depending on the type of fluid used.

128 one ounce servings in a gallon.

Approx. 4,4 kg for one imperial gallon.

One gallon of Isobutane weighs 4.699 lbs

According to "How much does one gallon of water weigh?", a gallon of water weighs approx 8.35lb. Given that sperm is mostly water, It would weigh approximately 8.35lb.

A little less than one gallon of water which is (depending on the temp of the water) 8.34 lbs.

One gallon of of 15W 40 weight motor oil weighs approximately nine pounds. Motor oil weighs slightly more than water. Water weighs eight pounds per gallon.

about 8lbs, per one gallon of diesel.

One gallon of tetrachloroethylene or PERC weighs 13.536 pounds.

One US gallon of gasoline weighs about 6.073 pounds.

"It should weight 8lbs, because you have 128 oz to one gallon and it takes 16 oz to make one pound. Not sure what the gallon itself weighs." NO! Liquid ounces do not equal weight ounces! I gallon of coconut oil is approximately 9 pounds.

7.6 pounds per gallon of peanut oil. Actually peanut oil weighs 7.7 pounds per gallon per the the USDA ( see page 44 of the document at )

One quart of Mobil Special 10W-40 motor oil weighs 1.8 pounds. Not all motor oils have the same density, and one gallon of motor oil will weigh between 6 and 8 pounds.

Cost, weigh. What do you mean?

No, One gallon of oil weighs less than one gallon of water as oil density is less than water density. Oil density is in the range of 925-980 kg/meter cube while water is around 1000 kg/meter cube

At 17oC one gallon of water weighs 4.536kg.

one gallon may hold between 2 - 7 kilograms

No. 2 Heating Oil has a specific gravity of 0.72 kilograms per liter. Therefore, one U.S. gallon weighs 6.00869123 pounds.

The specific gravity of 70 nf mineral oil ranges from 0.833 to 0.861. This gives a gallon the mass of 3.16 to 3.26 kilograms, or 6.97 to 7.19 pounds.

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