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Q: How much does one nuclear power plant cost?
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How much will it cost to maintain a nuclear power plant?

it costs 99 sents.

How much does it cost to run a nuclear power plant per year?

It takes about 8-10 mn $ to setup a nuclear power plant. but the resources used in it are inexpensive common in the earth's crust

How much does a nuclear power plant cost in US?

It is estimated a new nuclear plant built today in the US would cost $10-12 billion for a 1500-1600 MW plant. Then once you have the plant built, one load of fuel bundles would cost approx. $150 to $200 million.

Does nuclear power pollute?

Not really. You receive 100 times as much radiation from coal power plant pollution than you do from nuclear power plant leaks.

How much land does a nuclear power plant need?


How much power does one nuclear power plant give off?

Depends on the design.

How much does nuclear energy cost per joule?

See the attached link below for a survey of the economics of nuclear power

How much does nuclear power on average cost?

if you are asking about generally around the world i dont know but to build one single power plant it is approx. $10 billion dollars.

How much power does a nuclear plant produce?

Up to 1500MWe per reactor

How much money does a nuclear power plant make every year?


How much uranium is need to power a nuclear power plant for eighteen months?

Depending on: - the type of the nuclear reactor - the electrical power of the nuclear reactor - the type of the nuclear fuel - the enrichment of uranium - the estimated burnup of the nuclear fuel etc.

How much would you save if you built a nuclear power plant?

Figures published on website show that the projected overall cost of electric power from nuclear plants is similar to that from fossil fuelled plants (coal or natural gas). Nuclear plants cost more to build but the fuel costs are lower, so they need to be run at full power whenever possible.