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Candy, cakes, and sweets were considered luxuries during the Renaissance era. For the lower classes they were rare treats while the upper classes had a much greater access to them.

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How much would it cost to spend a night in the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel?

The cost for a night's stay in the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel depends on the time of year you wish to stay and what type of room you would like to get.

Are sweets healthy?

Some are. It depends on what time of sweets you are eating and what are the ingredients.

What is the renaissance ballet?

renaissance ballet is ballet in the renaissance time.

At Christmas time the------- in the sweets shops are laden with chocolates and sweets?


What happened during the Renaissance that had nothing to do with the Renaissance?

The renaissance was a time of change. Sorry that's all i no! The renaissance was pretty much a rebirth of the arts. As to your question, a lot of things in many different countries could have happened during the renaissance. For example, Billy could have eaten some bread.

What part of speech is renaissance?

The word renaissance is a noun. A renaissance is a revival. It also refers to the time between the medieval and modern time periods.

How did Michelangelo Buonarroti renaissance?

Renaissance :is a time period most of the 15th and part of the 16th centuries. That is the time when Michelangelo lived. You cannot do renaissance!

What was before the renaissance?

The Middle Ages was the time before the Renaissance.

How much does big time rush album cost?

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What was rediscovered in the Renaissance time period?

Greek and Romans stuff was discovered in the Renaissance time period.

How much does show time cost?

Fee for show time

Was Europe affected in the Renaissance time period?

Yes, that is where the Renaissance happened.

Approximate time period of the Renaissance?

The Renaissance was approximately 1350-1550

What influenced the art of the Renaissance?

The time period of the renaissance was influenced by u24wufbnwi'ch93h2f

Why was Donatello a Renaissance man?

Because he lived during the time of the Renaissance

What movement had a profound effect on education in the Renaissance time period?


How much does Zelda ocarina of time cost for the ds?

$39.99 US. That's how much mine cost, anyway.

How does christopher Columbus work represent the Renaissance time period?

He doesn't represent the Renaissance. It could be said he represents the age of discovery, but not much more. He was pretty much a failure as far as finding anything significant in 1492. The Renaissance is represented by the art of the great artists and building of great cathedrals.

What sweets did world war 2 kids eat?

children eat old sweets from 1237 which was a long time ago but these are sweets they eated: pie corn, mini chedadars and choco ball's

Which time period reflects the period of European history known as the renaissance-?

High Renaissance is the time of the "Renaissance Popes" during the 16th century, also known as the cinquecento.

A name for a renaissance magazine?

future historythe renaissancetime in historyhistoryin timeback thenhope that it help!!:)

Which time period reflects the period of European history known as the Renaissance?

The Renaissance is the time period after the great depression, or any other terrible time like that. A 'renaissance' means 're-birth' (French), or in this case a time of hope after a time of depression.

What is the characteristics of the Renaissance period?

The renaissance was a time when art and culture thrived in Europe

What part of speech is the word renaissance?

The Renaissance is a time period, thus... Noun.

How did the Renaissance affect art?

The renaissance was a time when people were taught the arts. It was a rejuvenation.

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