How much does the Star Wars Trilogy in VHS worth?

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Probably not very much since VHS tapes aren't used so much anymore
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How much is the first Star Wars comic worth?

The value of a particular comic depends on a few things: The comic title and issue number, print variations - Just because you have issue 1 of a particular title, doesn't make it priceless. In fact issue #2 of some series can sometimes be almost as valuable as #1 since second issues frequently hav ( Full Answer )

Will there be another Star Wars trilogy?

The third trilogy of films will conclude with Episode IX when itdebuts in December 2019. Disney announced on November 09th 2017, the director of The LastJedi , Rian Johnson, would write & direct a fourth Star Warstrilogy. Naturally release dates are unknown. Episode X isn't likely to openuntil 2021 ( Full Answer )

How much are your Star Wars videos worth?

Not much: certainly not more than the original retail price, unless there is something unique or interesting about your videos (e.g. rare version that not many people bought, first release, etc.).

How do you beat Lego Star Wars two the original trilogy?

Well there isn't a actual way to compete the game. The best thing to do is to get as much money as you can a buy everything you can because they will come in handy. The best thing to do is to try to find all of the red power bricks as you can and the most important thing to find is the mini-kit dete ( Full Answer )

Are there any cheats in Lego Star Wars the original trilogy?

Yes there is all you need to do is to look on the internet and you can easily find them.. There are many cheats that are for unlocking characters.. -------. Here's some cheats i copied and pasted for you :) . Characters: . Password Effect . JAW499 Unlock Jawa NAH118 Unlock Greedo YDV45 ( Full Answer )

How much is a Star Wars toy worth?

A toy that is not in its original box and that has been played with and shows some wear and tear is not worth much, generally. Look for the same item for sale on eBay or similar sites to see what comparable items have recently sold for to get an idea.

How much are Star Wars books worth?

It depends on what book it is, how old it is, what store you are buying it from, and how many pages it has (sometimes really big books are pretty pricey)

How much would jungle book be worth vhs tape?

Very little. There is nothing that makes it rare and with the popularity of inexpensive CD/DVD players few people even have the capability of watching a movie in VHS

How much is a 1979 Star Wars comic book worth?

It varies greatly depending on the specific comic you have. In order to get an accurate estimate, you will need to include more information. . This includes:. Name of comic . Issue number . Month and year of publication . Any letters that may come after the issue number . Issue name . Publ ( Full Answer )

What movies are part of the Star Wars trilogy?

They are all parts of trilogies. Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back &Episode VI: Return of the Jedi are the first Trilogyreleased in 1977, 1980 & 1983 respectively. Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Episode II: The Attack of theClones & Episode III: Revenge of the Sith a ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the Star Wars trilogy?

George Lucas came up with the stories. As far as screenplays, he did the script for A New Hope, and Leigh Brackett & Lawrence Kasdan wrote the script for Empire Strikes Back, with Lucas and Kasdan for Return of the Jedi. As far as the prequels, Lucas wrote Eps. I & III, and he wrote Ep. II with J ( Full Answer )

Will the Star Wars trilogies be released on Blu-ray versions?

20th Century Fox has officially announced Star Wars Blu-Ray release date as sometime in September of 2011. Three editions will be released, including The Complete Saga, as well as two separate editions with each trilogy.

How much is a star wars republic credit worth?

Many people believe one dollar. But, if you really think about it, one Republic Credit is probably worth more than one dollar. There really isn't a specific value to a Republic Credit, for they aren't mentioned too much in the movies.

Will there be family guy Star Wars prequel trilogy?

No. Seth Macfarlane only wanted to reenact the original Star Wars films. He has done it through these films: . Blue Harvest (parody of the original Star Wars) . Something, Something, Something Dark Side (parody of The Empire Strikes Back) . It's a Trap (parody of Return of the Jedi) There ( Full Answer )

How come they're not going to do the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy?

Simply put, because Seth said they have no desire to do them. To paraphrase what he said, 'Parts 1, 2 & 3 are cartoons already'. And now that Disney owns LucasFilms, there's no way they'd get the rights to do any more parodies.

What are the movies in the Star Wars trilogy?

Original Trilogy . Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV) (1977) . The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V) (1980) . Return of the Jedi (Episode VI) (1983) Prequel Trilogy . Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) . Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) . Star Wars: Episode III ( Full Answer )

How much is a 1987 star wars silver coin worth?

The 1st coin and the 6th coin tend to go for slightly more then the other 4. (less of the 6th coin where made. They are worth 2-6 times silver spot price. A full set you may be able to get even more if the coins are that perfect. I would imagine if someone had the full set and they where all the ( Full Answer )

How do you set up 2 players in star wars trilogy?

Press the home button on the remote and go to wii remote settings. press reconnect and press 1 and 2 simutaneosly on both remotes. press + when you go back to resuming the game and it should work

How much is a 1968 Star Trek VHS tape worth?

Star Trek didn't exist on VHS in 1968. . If you're possibly asking something to the effect of... howmuch is a VHS tape(s) worth that contains 1968 episodes ...honestly, I'd say they're pretty much worthless since the episodeshave been released on DVD & Blu-ray. . A hardcore collector might be int ( Full Answer )

Who will be in the new Star Wars trilogy?

Obviously, only Episode 7 has been cast but that cast is listedbelow. As of December 2014, other than Ford, Hamill & Fisher reprisingtheir original roles, who's playing who is unknown so it'suncertain if all these actors will appear in Episodes 8 & 9. . John Boyega . Daisy Ridley . Adam Driver ( Full Answer )

How much is 1978 Star wars comics worth?

You'll need to provide information regarding the issue number and a description of the comic's condition ; otherwise , refer to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide .

How much are lego star wars figures worth?

The Lego star was figures value vary depending on the character. Most of the figures are in the price range of $10-$20 through online retailers. The value will increase on the figures once they are no longer in production or for sale.

What is the third film called in the Star Wars trilogy?

The third film produced was " Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi" in 1983 but , chronologically , it is the sixth film in the franchise . The 2005 " Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" is third in the Star Wars chronology .

How much is the original Little Mermaid VHS cover worth?

You are no doubt referring to the 'phallic castle' cover. . Honestly it's worth how ever much value you place on it. If you go to eBay right now (September 2013), it's selling anywherefrom $0.99 to $99.00. On Amazon it's selling for $15.00.