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How much does the average unmanned spacecraft mission cost?

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Discovery class interplanetary missions run about $300 million. Big spy sat missions go for $1 billion or more.

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What was the Cost of Apollo 13 spacecraft?

The cost of the mission was $4.4 billion.

Why is most space exploration accomplished with spacecraft without astronauts?

The most obvious answer to your question is the fact that people have to return to earth, while an unmanned craft can stay in space infinitely. Manned spacecraft require things like oxygen, water, food and communications equipment, none of which are required by an unmanned spacecraft. That means unmanned spacecrafts can be sent into space for a fraction of the cost of a manned spacecraft. So basically, it's much cheaper and safer to send unmanned spacecrafts to explore the universe.

How much did it cost for the Apollo 2 mission?

It is difficult to accurately cost individual Apollo missions as all missions, research, experiments etc., came under the overall cost of the Apollo program, which came to about 26 billion dollars.Apollo 2 was an unmanned mission launched in July 1966 and was destroyed in about 6 hours into the mission. The main purpose was to study the effect of weightlessness on the fuel.

How much does it cost for a space shuttle flight?

The average cost of a space shuttle mission is $450 million

How much does a spacecraft cost?

1.7 million

How much does it cost to build and launch a spacecraft?

a lot :-)

How much did the Apollo 1 mission cost?

The average Apollo mission cost about $500,000,000, however, Apollo 1 was much cheaper since it didn't launch. It burned a month before the scheduled launch, killing the crew.

What is the formula to find the average variable cost?

Average Variable Cost = Total Variable Cost/ Quantity Average Cost = Average Fixed Cost + Average Variable Cost Average Cost = Total Cost/Quantity

What is price chopper mission statement?

mission statement for cost effectivness

How do you find marginal average cost?

There is marginal cost and there is average cost but a marginal average cost makes no sense.

average cost?

average cost of dentures

Does marginal cost curve always intersect the average cost curve at the average cost curve's lowest point?

When the marginal cost is below the average total costs or the average variable costs,then the AC would be declining.When marginal cost is above the average cost then the average cost would be increasing.Therefore the marginal cost should intersect with the average cost at the lowest point in order to pull the average cost upwards.

What was the cost of Apollo 17?

The cost of a single mission is hard to calculate since so much had to occur before that mission could be performed. You could figure the cost of the fuel, the building of the actual flight equipment, and the salaries of everybody involved, but that won't figure in the cost needed for all the steps that had to occur before that final mission. The final cost of the entire program, as reported by NASA in 1973, was US$20.4 billion. If you divide that by the total number of successful moon landings (6), you get an average cost of US$3.4 billion per mission, or US$14.8 billion adjusted for inflation. That's not a very accurate number, but it gives some estimate of the cost.

How Pluto is different in regards to space travel?

Pluto is only 2/3 the size of our moon (at only 2,320km across), and of all official planets and minor planets, Pluto has the largest orbit around the sun because it is the furthest from the sun. Due to its extreme distance from Earth, there have been no spacecraft sent to observe it more closely. Even a mission by remote unmanned spacecraft would cost several billion dollars, and the information obtained from such a mission would likely be insignificant compared to missions to Mars. Due to its size and comparatively small distance from Earth, Mars has much greater potential benefit for humanity than Pluto. The distance from Earth to Mars is only 3.8% the distance from Earth to Pluto, and it still takes between four and seven months to get to Mars.

What do you mean by Average Cost System?

average cost?

Refers to the cost of procuring prime mission equipment?

weapon system cost.

Why is average cost and average variable cost are both you shaped?

the average variable cost curve and average cost curve are u- shaped because of the law of variable proportions.

What is the Average Cost method of inventory valuation?

Average Cost Method: Under this method average cost is calculated by following farmula:Average cost of unit= Total cost of inventory / total number of units

Does marginal cost always intersect average cost at minimum average cost?


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