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How much does the delivery of a baby cost?

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2010-02-05 23:52:26

it depends on where you live, i live in new zealand and its all

free i had a cesarean section nearly three years ago and even that

is free

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A cesarean section will cost about $15000 and vaginal birth $9000

but this cost does not have to be made up front, you can make

installment payments and they can't repossess the baby so don't

worry! Be sure to get prenatal care and all hospitals should have

charity care applications-good luck.

Could be as much as 15k for a regular delivery and over 20k for

a c-section.

Baby delivery cost depends if you are having a normal or

caesarean section. Average normal delivery cost is around $8000.00

and caesarian is greater than that amount.

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