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How much does umbilical hernia surgery cost?

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About £2000


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Laparoscopic surgery - about 1500$

Open surgery - about 1000$


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In some counties, medical surgeries are free, in the UK for example, on the National Health Service, as long as you are a legal citizen to the country (immigrants can be refused free surgery).

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How much will a horse's hernia surgery cost?

My 3 month old mule just had umbilical hernia surgery. He also had an infected umbilical cord. It cost me about $600.00 including his antibiotics. I was not charged to castrate him at the same time. The cost will vary on were you are located.

How much does umbilical hernia surgery for a horse cost?

I paid about $1000 to have my quarter horse filly's large umbilical hernia (3 finger that had not resolved by age 15 months) repaired surgically, under general anaesthesia, at Mount Vernon Veterinary Hospital in Mount Vernon, Washington.

How much is umbilical hernia surgery for a dog?

Surgery can run from $350 to $650 depending on your vet. Our 9yr old Chihuahua Pomeranian mix just had a double inguinal hernia surgery that cost $2200. She had the hernia when she came to us as a stray dog and we were told that it didn't have to be operated on. A few weeks ago it became a problem and protruded out beyond comfortability for her and we knew it was time.

How much does Umbilical Hernia in horses cost to get fixed?

I could cost anywhere from $800.00 to several thousand dollars depending on what vet you go to, how large the hernia is and where exactly it is located.

Is hernia surgery a complicated surgery?

There are not too many complications as to hernia surgery it is a minor surgery that will not leave too much scarring.

How much does a hernia repair cost in a dog?

This will depend upon the type and severity of the hernia, the location of the hernia, the age and health status of the dog and the geographic location you are in. A minor umbilical hernia in a healthy puppy may only cost a couple hundred dollars, while a large scrotal or inguinal hernia with entrapped intestines may cost a thousand dollars or more.

What are the symptoms of an umbilical hernia?

An umbilical hernia can be serious if left untreated. The most common symptom of an umbilical hernia is a bulge near the navel. The bulge may become more obvious with coughing or straining. A child will not experience much pain but an adult will likely experience discomfort.

How much does a belly button hernia surgery cost?

Well 2,000 dollars regularly but it really depends on where you live!

How much weight can you lift after hernia surgery?

10 lbs

How much does hiatal hernia surgery cost?

The cost of a hiatal hernia will vary in cost depending on the location and doctor. The estimated price is 14,000 dollars. The cost will depend definitely on the country of your choice. Based on what i've read on a medical tourism website named PlacidWay Medical Tourism the cost of LAPAROSCOPIC HIATAL HERNIA REPAIR IN MEXICO is about 6400 USD WITHOUT MESH and 6700 USD WITH MESH

How much cost perineum surgery?

how much is cost perineum repair surgery

how fast is the recovery after hernia surgery?

This is really dependent on the location and type of hernia. Recovery time can be as little as several days, but as much as two weeks.

How much does it cost for a ingunial hernia repair?

For an inguinal hernia repair, it can cost upwards of $25,000. This can vary depending on insurance, the hospital, the doctor and how bad the repair is.

How much does carpal tunnel surgery cost in the Philippines?

cost of carpal tunnel surgery in philippines

Hernia Surgery: The Best Way to Repair a Hernia?

Hernias are so common that some where around 500,000 surgeries are performed each year in the country to repair them. Hernias happen when the innermost layers of the muscles in the abdomen weaken. This causes the lining of the abdomen to protrude and form a sac. At this point, either abdominal tissue or part of the intestine can push their way into that sac. Hernias usually manifest in the groin area where it is known as an inguinal hernia; as an umbilical hernia in the navel; or at the spot of an incision from surgery. Almost all hernias are the inguinal type and surgery is the most common way to repair them. This is the best way to prevent complications like having a loop of the intestine become so tightly caught up in the sac that the blood supply is cut off to that section of intestine. The object of inguinal hernia surgery is to remove the hernia sac. A few stitches may be required to close the opening that has been left near the abdominal cavity. Normally, a patch made of mesh is attached in order to make the wall of the abdomen stronger so that the hernia will not come back. Using the patch makes it about half as likely the hernia will recur than if the open were merely stitched closed. The surgery can be performed as an open surgery or a laparoscopic surgery. For an inguinal hernia, open surgery requires a large incision at the point where the abdomen meets the thigh. If the surgery is performed laparoscopically, four or five very small incisions are made around the hernia rather than one long incision. A tiny scope with a video camera attached, called a laparoscope, is put into one of these incisions, allowing the surgeon to view the hernia on a video screen. The other incisions are used to insert the tools required to fix the hernia just as is done during an open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is a much better options because the recovery time is much shorter and there is less pain after the operation. In fact this type of surgery is done on an outpatient basis, allowing the patient to go home within a few hours.

How much does Tommy johns surgery cost?

Tommy John surgery was reconstruction surgery. It cost is guesstimated to have cost $21,563 based on the procedures average costs.

How much is a hernia operation in the UK privatley?

I am not so sure in UK but here is an estimate, if it is Hernia Repair Epigastric - it could cost at around $1500 - $3500 (, and if it is Hernia Repair Inguinal it would cost you at around $1500 ( Good Luck!

How do you get weight loss surgery an how much does it cost?

If thinking about getting weight loss surgery you will have to go the doctor. The cost of this surgery can depend on who you go to.

Can you fly before hernia surgery?

That would depend on the severity of the hernia. Many people have hernias that do not effect them by much. The actual flying should not effect you in any way, just be sure not to strain yourself.

How much will it cost to do arthroscopic surgery on your horse?

Arthroscopic surgery is a joint surgery for horses. To inquire about the cost of arthroscopic surgery, call around to local animal hospitals.

Can I lift my infant after hernia repair?

You should talk with your surgeon about this because depending on how large the hernia, what kind of surgical procedure, and how much your infant weighs all plays a part. Generally speaking I have heard not to lift more than 10 pounds initially after surgery. I am having my own hernia repair surgery tomorrow and have a 15 pound baby so I will not be able to lift him for the first week post surgery. Good luck!

How much does arthroscopic shoulder surgery cost in Australia?

Arthroscopic surgery is about a pricey in Australia as it is in the United States. The cost of arthroscopic surgery will cost approximately 6,000 in Australian dollars.

How much does triple bypass surgery cost?

triple bypass surgery cost up to 45,000 to 50,000 dollars

How much does it cost to do surgery on a female dog?

Depends on WHAT surgery you're talking about.

How much does knee surgery cost?